Wine stain on unsealed granite-help

ellendiOctober 2, 2012

Long story short. Took a tour of a friends new apartment building. Nine units with what looks like Kasmir white or gray granite. I mentioned that it should be sealed. One tenent moved in and already stianed the granite with wine!

He is going to of course seal the remaining apartments that are not yet occupied.

But, what can he do with this one? Can a wine stain be removed from unsealed granite?

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Have you tried asking at Stone Forums?

Here is a link that might be useful: Stone Advice

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auntie_ellen boston

After 9 years of babying my light colored granite (sealing 2x a year and quick wipe-ups of spill) I noticed a wierd stain next to one of my sinks!! I was planning on sealing it the following week. I had NO idea what it was but it was purplish and looked like writing. Devastated - I looked around on the internet and ordered two stain removers from Stone Care International (food and ink). While waiting for them to arrive, I figured out it was purple permanent marker from a bag left on the counter.

Tried the ink remover on a little spot (as advised) and it worked. Then tried it on the rest and stain is gone and granite looks perfect.

DEFINITELY recommend them. They are a powder that you mix with distilled water. About $22 each. Worth every penny to me.

Good luck!

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