What to put in double-sided glass cabinets?

jeannie_kitchenOctober 22, 2008

I will be finally loading up my new kitchen, but I'm not sure what direction to go in with the cabinets over our peninsula. I really wish I could post a photo, but no camera right now.

But they are double-sided glass, with glass on the end as well. The glass is seeded glass. The cabinets are lit, with glass shelves. You can see them from the eating area and the living room. The cabinets are off white. We made the cabinets higher than our other cabinets so they wouldn't block the view into the kitchen.

So, my dilemma. Do I load them with crystal etc., see-through type stuff to keep an open look? I have some very colorful ceramics, art glass etc. which I thought might look nice. I also thought of putting all white stuff in there, but not sure I have enough. They are pretty big cabinets (we have 12 foot ceilings, and they are about 6 feet long).

Any ideas? Any photos of similar type cabinets? I was leaning toward putting my crystal in my glass-front butler's pantry cabinets, since that is more formal, and something more kitcheny in these double sided cabinets, but don't know.


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Thank you for asking this question! I too am installing double sided glass cabinets over my peninsula (they will be the last cabinets to go in this week) and I'm mulling in my mind what I should put there. Mine will have "antique" glass in them and are also high like yours to keep the view open (although not lit from inside) Very interested in any replies and pics...

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I put mostly crystal and glass in mine. I have seeded glass and glass shelves as well. I do have a few colorful aluminum cups and a martini shaker in there but I really wanted to keep an open look. The end of mine is not glass...wish it was!

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I love this kitchen

and I love the glass cabinet in front of a window. But the objects don't show up very well. It seems kind of flat. I think something like rm (that is pronounced "rum," btw) is much prettier.

I vote for crystal and maybe a piece or two of silver, like a pitcher or goblets.

Post a pic when you decide!

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Thanks for the pictures, they give me some ideas. I spent a few hours last night washing crystal and other fragile things that have been packed away and are full of thick dust, as is everything else in my house. I think I'll just have to experiment.

I had hoped to buy a new set of dishes that would look pretty in the glass cabinets, but I am OUT of money!

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jeannie kitchen - When you do get a chance to post a picture, I would love to see it : ) My glass is called rain. It's not really double sided because on one side of our cabinets we did 2 glass doors in the center. On the other side of the cabinets, we did 2 glass doors on the outside (right and left doors). We did not have any lights installed inside the cabs. We were saving money by not having all 8 doors made to be glass. It was my husband's idea to stagger them that way. I guess the idea was to let some light in from various angles and also to break up the wood and add variety to the kitchen. I wish we could have afforded all glass, but at least we got a little! Inside, I have many white plates, mugs, & souffle dishes, glass water goblets & a trifle bowl. I also have a few blue and white dishes up there.

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I think I'd lean more toward the crystal stuff as well. I guess it all depends on the feel you are going for in the room. Crystal makes it feel more elegant, vs the colorful or even white stuff which lends a more casual feel to the room.

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We have a double-sided glass cabinet that faces the dining room and the kitchen. Because we went with this design in order to maximize sunlight from the south-facing DR, we use only crystal in the cabinet. Light not only comes through the plain glass doors, but refracts off the crystal inside!

It is lighted with glass shelves. At night, with kitchen lights off and cabinet lights on, it is very dramatic and pretty (IMO) from the DR table. Especially after a glass or two of wine.

I wish that I could manage a photo!

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