Caesarstone slab or square feet

Tr8aceeOctober 11, 2012

I am thinking about going with caesarstone in pebble for my cream cabinets. I've been trying to get quotes and a few places told me I would have to buy full slabs where as pacific sales quoted me per sq ft. They said I didn't need to buy full slabs, so now I am confused as to who is right. Also do you know how long it takes for counters to get installed.

One place said one day and another said 7-10 days. And in terms of price they seem to be all over the place. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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I remember having this same problem when I looked into Caesarstone. It seems they are very vague with the price. I think it's because it greatly depends on the fabricator, the one who actually cuts the stone to your specifications. So there is that labor cost + the cost of the Caesarstone itself. With that said, I can't find the cost of our countertops yet I do know that we got a slab for our island and a slab for the perimeter. Blizzard is on the island and pebble is on the perimeter. I love them both! And am loving my Caesarstone!!! Can't say enough! Let me know if you need pix!

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It's probably not a question of "right." If Caesarstone is handled like granite, some places will only sell full slabs and others sell by the square foot. It's possible that places which both sell and fabricate will sell by the square foot because they can always use the remnants for other, smaller jobs, like bathrooms or table tops. If the fabricator is an independent operation, he/she is taking possession of the full slabs you bought from a third party before cutting them up for you, and letting you figure out what to do with the remnants.

Just called the local Pacific Sales. The guy says they sell by the sq. ft. (35 sf min.) and subcontract the fabrication. So, yes, essentially it's a one-stop-shop. I wonder what the sub-contractor does with the extras if Pacific Sales only handles 35 sf+ orders? Maybe the sub has some other outlet for the left-overs.

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Small places charge you the number of slabs you need plus fabrication.

Big Stores like Pacific Sales and Ikea sell Ceasarstone by the square foot.

Home Depot sells Silestone by the sq ft.

Lowes sells Zodiac by sq ft.

If you need 1.2 slabs the large places are probably cheaper.

If you need 1.9 slabs smaller places are usually cheaper.

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One more thing: install was only one day.

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I am getting Caesarstone from Pacific Sales too and I am paying $50 per square ft and $21/ft for the edge. I need slightly more than a full slab and everywhere else, the quote I got was $1000 more than Pacific Sales.

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Thank you all for your responses. It's good to know that I can get it by the sq ft as I only need a little more than 1 slab. For those that have had pacific sales do the install, how was the quality? I am in Los Angeles and a company called UGMC Handles the caesarstone install. I looked them up and there was one complaint about shoddy workmanship.

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I am in Southern California and UGMC is going to handle my caesarstone installation too. I'll let you know when my kitchen is done. I already put down a deposit and someone from UGMC has being in contact with me. She is prompt with answering questions, so far it has being good.

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Lilymila: what kind of edge are you getting. I got the same quote of $50 but $10 for just a straight edge (I think that's what it's called).

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I am getting Caesarstone Wild Rice and they told me the cheapest edge is $21/ft. I don't know why its more expensive. I am 2 hours from LA, but there is a Pacific Sales here and the work is contracted to UGMC.

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@Tr8acee, UGMC's level 1 edge is $21/ft, but right now they are having a promotion on eased for $10/ft. I just changed my edge detail from double radius to eased to take advantage of the sale.

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Lilymia- that makes sense now because the sales person had said I had till nov 3rd to lock in the promotion but I just assumed it was for the $49per sq ft. When are you getting yours installed. I think I will just go with pacific sales as I am saving $500. The only downside is that they Said it will take 7-10 days versus the other places where I have to pay for the full slabs and they said it will only take one day.

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I haven't received an exact date yet. The tentative installation date is Nov 2nd. You can go ahead and lock in your price and the 10% deposit can easily be refunded if you change your mind later. I'll let you know if I am happy with the installation. Did you look at their Cambria, I think they are slightly more pricey at $60/sq ft.

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I never did look at the cambria as I made up my mind with the caesarstone. The cost just adds up so fast I hope the caesarstone lives up to all the hype=)

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This is my update on UGMC in case you or anyone else is interested.

I had my template done on Oct 19th and I still don't have my counter top yet. Currently, the installation is set on Nov 27th, so I would have to wait over 5 weeks just for the counter top. UGMC failed at coordinating various aspects of the job (ordering/receiving/fabrication) and now I am part of the holiday rush crowd that all want to get their countertop done before Thanksgiving.

Here are the two emails I wrote to Pacific Sales customer service and I am still waiting for some kind of resolution.

"Hello, I ordered the Caesarstone countertop in wild rice from Pacific Sales for my kitchen renovation. The template was done on October 19th and I was informed that the installation will be Nov 2nd. Later, I learned that the installation date had been pushed back to Nov 8th because Caesarstone slab will not be delivered until Oct 31st. On Nov 2nd, I was told another story about Caesarstone slab being stuck at the custom but it should clear the custom within a week, and a week later, on Nov 9th, I was still being told that the Caesarstone slab should be here soon and within a couple of day. There seemed to be an indefinite wait and the phrase "soon" and "any days now" aren't really true to their meaning. My kitchen renovation had been on a stand still for the past 3 weeks due to the countertop delays. This was not disclosed to me before the purchase as I was told that the installation would happen 1 week to 10 days after template."

2 days later:

"Hello, when I purchase the countertop, I was under the impression that since UGMC does high volume sales, the slab would already be in stock since the point of the deposit was to purchase the slabs, and the fabrication would take 1 week to 10 days. I kept in touch with UGMC throughout the process and informed them 1 week ahead of time that I will need template on Oct 19th. I don't understand why the slabs weren't ordered before the template. If the typical way of doing business at UGMC is to order the slabs only after the template is done, then I was not aware of it, nor was I told about this process when I asked about the wait period. Furthermore, I just received an email from UGMC stating that they received the Caesarstone and set the installation on Nov 27th. That's 15 days away, so not only was the receiving process delayed for over 3 weeks, the fabrication process will also take over 2 weeks. All in all, I would have to wait over 5 weeks from template to installation. I feel that to make things right for me, the fabrication/installation needs to at least stay on schedule. I have gotten quotes from other subcontractors and these quotes are going to expire before Nov 27th. I also had to return a dishwasher to Bestbuy and will purchase it at a later date because I want to stay within the 30 days return period in case the dishwasher is dead out of the box. This is causing a lot of headache on my side due to the countertop delay."

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Sophie Wheeler

Here, when the stone isn't in stock, the lead times average 4-6 weeks. Longer if it's on a boat and not just a matter of transferring from one wholesaler to another. Plus, this is the busiest time of the year, which adds to the lead time, and most places shut down the week of Thanksgiving to spend time with their families. That adds in at least another week to 10 days. I've done jobs that were 12 weeks from templating to installation. And that is why I always suggest a temporary counter and sink. The best choice for that is usually the old sink and counter that was ripped out. It just needs to sit on top of the cabinets until the new counters are ready. It makes your life a lot easier!

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Hollysprings, 12 weeks might be fine if it was known ahead of time, but having my installation date changed from Nov 2nd to Nov 27th is pretty ridiculous. UGMC charges a 10% deposit before anything is done, so they should have a fairly good idea on their sales volume for the next month. I see it as failure on the purchasing department to keep the warehouse in stock in October and caused this bottleneck situation right before Thanksgiving.

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Lilymila- so sorry to hear about your delay. I am getting nervous now after reading your issues as I have UGMC scheduled to come out nov. 26th. I will keep you posted on if the same situation happens to me. We have been without a kitchen for almost three months now so like you I feel your frustration because the counters are the final big step before appliances go in.

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