Calling Karin!!! Please :) (or anyone who is familiar w/Naica)

lcskaisgirOctober 10, 2013

Karin, if you could be so kind...I was wondering if you could lend me your "stone" expertise once again. I am still considering Superwhite, but came across this Naica quartzite today. Do you know anything about it? I have never heard of it and there isn't much on the internet. Just wondering if it's truly a quartzite or if I'll have to baby it more like the superwhite.

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Here's a closer up pic...

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Holly- Kay

That is a beautiful slab! I hope this works for you because it would be hard to pass up!

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Hi lcskaisgir,

I'm traveling (in the geological wonderland of the Andes mountains in Chile) so I can't really give you an in-depth answer right now. But the usual recommendations to try the glass scratch test and the etching test will tell you what you need to know. The rock does look like quartzite from here, but that's not worth much, you need to try the tests to really learn anything.

It's really pretty though! Keep us posted about what you learn.


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Thank you Karin!!! And I'm so jealous of your travels! I guess I could have figured that out for myself, somehow it makes me feel better to hear from you with all your wisdom! I will take some glass w/me today. I don't think I will be able to get a sample of it though to bring home:( I soooo appreciate you answering my call:)

Thank you Holly-kay. It does have the gray AND the warmth that I've been searching for.

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Do the lemon test which will reveal porousity and acid sensitivity. The glass test will confirm if it is quartzite.
Super white can prove to be difficult to maintain.
It is a dolomitic marble.

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Oh, that's pretty. I hope it stands up to the testing.

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I am not a rock expert but I am just making a layman's observation that funnily enough the way the rock crystals are formed and patterned reminds me of my White Princess. It's definitely not the same color, but it's the streaking and the geometry of the rock that reminds me of WP. I wonder if Naica and WP have some relation in terms of composition and how it's formed. If it's similar in composition, then you might have a very hard rock there--my WP was amazingly stain resistant and etch-proof. Loved it. When Karin gets back, she will hopefully confirm. I know you have been searching for this counter for a while, so good luck!

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