Knobs or pulls on fake sink base drawer?

hags00October 29, 2012

On your sink base, if you have a fake drawer did you put knobs or pulls on it? 1 or 2?

Still struggling to find the perfect pull and very tired of trying to open my drawers without them! Ordered samples from Ebay....too cheap, not a good finish and didn't look like the threaded hole was deep enough to hold up. Found one a liked online, multiplied the cost by the number I needed for my SMALL kitchen and about had a heart attack. Still on the hunt but I am ordering something by the end of this week.

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check out Southwestern Forge...ours just arrived and we are very happy. Good style options, hand forged but not priced like SVB or the like. Also have a good variety of finish options reasonably priced and they also have solid pewter pieces.

Here is a link that might be useful: southwest forge

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I did none on the fake drawers below our sinks. If there is a knob or something there people try to grab them and open them. I have had someone pull that whole panel off before.

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Sophie Wheeler

None, unless you want bruised hips when you do dishes.

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Ditto, I have nothing on the fake drawer front under my sink. It would make sense to do it if there were a tip-out tray (which is probably why people try to pull knobs on the fake ones).

Have you tried the trick of using painter's tape as a temporary drawer pull? Just wondering since you say it's hard to open them now.

I find it very helpful to see pulls/knobs in person and make sure they are comfortable to my fingers before I commit. My kitchen ones are by Amerock and I was able to find all that I needed at a local hardware store. (Lucky, I know.) I have bought pulls at the big-box stores and been happy with those too, if I was going for something mainstream.

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How could you bruise your hip doing dishes? Do you also bruise your hip prepping meals at the island or plating dinner by the stove?

We have tip-out trays in the kitchen so it wasn't a decision there, but I did add a pull to our non-tipout drawer front at the laundry room sink since I wanted to hang a hand towel from it. I think it's just personal preference.

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"How could you bruise your hip doing dishes?"

my sister has 2 handles - split pullouts. I think it might depend on how high the counter top is and how tall a person is... at my sister's I would more likely bruise my boobs!

or if it's because you are actually DOING dishes that might be why I am still unbruised. I don't do dishes there - just fill my water jug from her filtered water spout.

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For me, pull placement is a functional issue. If the drawer doesn't open, then no pull.

Yes, hardware is $$$$$$$

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Every "fake" drawer and door has either a pull or knob. The dishwasher looks like a drawer with a door below - pull on the drawer and knob on the door. The panels are secure and will not come off.

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We put cup pulls on our fake drawer in our master bath and like the look so plan to do the same with our kitchen. Our bath vanity is kitchen counter height and we have never hit our hips on them.

Our kitchen hardware we purchased on ebay from the knob shop. They are not installed yet but so far like the way they look and feel. Less than $60 for the entire kitchen.

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We have them, because we both preferred the continuity of that look. (Like Debrak, we have them on tall bathroom cabinets, too.)

There has been no negative for us.

No one has pulled our false fronts off, nor have they tried.

Also, I have no idea how someone could get a bruise from the hardware. That always confuses me... how hardcore do you people wash the dishes? haha. If I were to lean forward to do dishes, I would hit the countertop before I hit the hardware (a cup pull.) It might be a good idea, in general, to not have hardware that projects past the countertop.

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Tilt out.

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Ok so definitely a mixed bag of answers!

I didn't in my last house and I thought it looked a little bit like it was missing something so I thought I would throw the question out there and see what others had done.

Thanks to those for the tips on places to look and the painters tape trick. I am definitely fighing with the soft close drawers to get them open without handles.

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Fori is not pleased

I bought some but decided not to use them. I don't think it matters much.

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Forgot: yes to the blue tape pulls!! I used them for weeks until my hardware order was placed, arrived, and my cab maker could come down to install them.

Make sure you use long pieces of tape. Double it onto itself about 2/3 of the way to make a decent length "handle" part that sticks out the front of the drawers/doors and then leave about 1/3 of exposed tape to stick to the inside of the drawer/door front. There were some drawers where I kept breaking the tape and had to make new pulls.

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I made some blue tape pulls, they work fantastic!!! Thank you both! I need to go buy some more blue tape!

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You're welcome. I've found about a million uses for blue tape since the reno so I always have a couple of rolls around. Good stuff.

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I wouldn't have known about the blue tape thing if it weren't for GW! It works so well.

We don't have anything on our sink panel - DH was adamant about this. I doubt we'd have the kind of company that wants to help wash up enough to be worried about them yanking hard on false pulls/knobs, though. I'd think someone would really have to grab the pulls and lean back and put some weight in it for even the remotest chance that I'd be worried about it.

I thought it looked slightly strange just being this flat 36" expanse - for about a week. It's about the last thing that I or anyone would notice in our kitchen now, believe me.

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