Need to finalize plans, please review with me?

karenschaeweOctober 25, 2012

My contractor wants to meet soon to finalize everything and I am having committment issues. :)

Here's what I think might be my final plans maybe? I don't want to finish this project and wish I'd have planned something different.


My space


The current state of affairs:

Similar view from the Planner:

What do you all think? Time to pull the trigger? I am open to any ideas, even a total redesign isn't out of the question. Like I said, I don't want to wind up wishing we'd done something different...

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I'm very worried about your statements regarding not wanting to do this project...???

This plan looks ok. I am not sure the trash is at all a good spot and do you plan to have the seating counter lower than the rest? It could be a more useful counter at all one height. But otherwise, I think the function of the layout should be nice.

Oh...the stove wall might need some help with design/balance.

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Oh I want to do the project, I just want to be thoroughly happy at the end and not have regrets at the end. My husband will tell you that I am the Queen of "oh I wish I would have done this different and that would have been better another way"...

Where do you think is a better location for the trash? I was thinking closer to the fridge which is why it ended up there, but maybe in the island is better? Or should it be closer to the sink? In our last house we had 2 tall kitchen cans front to back in an 18" pullout, that worked pretty well.

How to balance the range wall? I agree it doesn't look quite right, but I can't put my finger on how to improve it. I must have put together 20 different cabinet arrangements and didn't love any of them...

Thanks for the help!

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If there's enough room...I think I would make it an L-shaped kitchen with a larger island. Have it open up more to the brick fireplace and kitchen table, with maybe a French country style. You can always make the island bigger and have the stools on two sides, closest to the fireplace end.

Maybe center the range, so it's centered by the upper cabinets, not the lower ones? Oh, and the fridge might move up to the end of the sink wall, with an oven/microwave on the back wall. Just a few ideas :)

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The 30in set of drawers to the left of the dish machine, if you are unloading the machine and want to place items in those drawers , it would be difficult to get to. I would rethink that. The garbage I would put in the island behind the sink or to the right of sink. I would move the refrig over to the left leaving open counter to the right so when you come in from garage with groceries you can set items or your purse down. I would open it up and put a longer island in, cookbook shelve on one end of island or if seating is needed, have it one level. Balance out the area over the cooktop. I 'm not crazy about looking at the side of the pantry next to refrig. Don't rush into it. I changed my kitchen plans many times and second guessed myself throughout the entire process.

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I'm no design expert, but I always go with more ideas is better.

I would put the range centered in the wall between the window and sliding door, 30 inch drawers on each side, properly vented hood (easier on an outside wall) 36 inches as shown, with 24 inch uppers on either side. Leave sink centered in window, might be a good place to put in a double trash pull out like you stated you enjoyed having before. I have learned a lot here, and consensus seems to be most prep will be between range and sink, and most garbage is created in prep. Most time is also spent prepping and you will be near that nice window.

For the fridge, I'd suggest either move to the end of the wall where the range is now and keep the breakfast area with MW next to the fridge, put a pantry where the fridge is now (large shallow one, or keep the depth and make a large step in one). Or move the breakfast area and MW to the end of that current range wall, leave the fridge where it is and make the remaining space a pantry.

You can still have an island if you want, and out seating there.

If you like the peninsula you have now, I have a friend with the same type of layout and she LOVES having her peninsula seating lower like you pictured. It's great for her little girl, older relatives, and handicap uncle. She often has family over and it is used frequently.

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the biggest decision is whether to convert to L with nicer island as lass alludes to. While you ponder that decision, I would place fridge where microwave is. Streamline the microwave and pantry to the right of fridge and face it outward. To the left of range hood I would do a dbl door cab-each door is the same size as the cabinet to the right of hood-it would be about a 30 in cab...all the doors around the hood are about the same size. Omit the cookbook cubicles. To the left of the 30 in cabinet, insert a cabinet that the tambour drops down from to counter. I woudn't have such a tall tambour-i think you'll tire of it. You'll get better storage over to the right of fridge that you'll access more once you turn it inward-put some tambour stored items there. [I'd omit the tambour entirely]. If you do the L shape you'll probably have cabs to the left of kitchen sink window-so there's a bit of reworking if you decide to switch the whole thing. I think the U shape you have is really fine....the central island you show is proportionately off-so I might make more of a free standing cart with chopping surface-do something more eyecatching with open shelf and legs-do you really need those drawers there? The cooks stool can be at an open side of this central piece-I think the alcove on the peninsula for a cooks stool is a mistake-wouldn't do it. I like the big U in many regards.

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The island is problematic because there is juuuust barely enough room... for a super skinny island, 24" wide at most. When the dishwasher door is open it will block access to the sink. The fridge would open on the seating side and will back up to a MAJOR traffic path, which I think would annoy me and everyone in the household:

36" aisle between sink and island, 60" between island and fridge:

Long story longer, I feel like the peninsula plan is better for other reasons as well. The lowered, table height seating is more accomodating for our autistic son who will spend a good amount of time sitting there. He likes the FR/kitchen area and I like to be able to keep an eye on him, especially while preparing food.

All that said, I have some questions about my peninsula plan:

Does this plan for the range wall look more balanced? I've allowed to widen the doorway to the kitchen and also moved the trash to the pullout by the corner:

I ditched the island for a movable cart and put a folding countertop extension at the end of the peninsula for a 5th seat if we need it in a pinch (98% of the time it will be folded down) I might not even build it, its just something someone suggested on another thread and I'm trying it out:

I also shortened up the U, is having the DW near the corner like that going to be a problem if we have the proper amount of fillers? I could insert a cabinet to put more space between the DW and the corner...

the overall view from the end of the FR:

Any feedback and ideas are appreciated! It all makes me consider and reconsider my options which in the end will lead to the best plan for my fam. Thanks! :)

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Sorry I missed that you'd come back with questions to my original comments.

I do like the range wall better now. Do you need the tambour door cabinet? It's probably just the limitations of the drawing, but it doesn't seem to fit the resst of the room. Your original set up would've worked, I think, with just a wide upper between the wall and the narrow cabinet next to the hood.

The dw next to the peninsula is a bad idea if you need to open the peninsula drawers while the dishwasher is open.

The trash should be near where you prep and cook, and if possible, where it's also reachable to scrape plates, etc. when doing dishes. In the original plan, I would've chosen to put it in the island or in the 18" cabinet to the right of the sink. In the new one, the sink wall is changed and you've eliminated the island, so it's not as easy to choose a new location.

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