Will 2 different brands of single wall ovens look odd?

zackinOctober 9, 2012

I posted this question on the Appliances forum and received some very welcome advice, including the suggestion that I post here regarding the design question.

I plan to use two separate single wall ovens, one on an inconspicuous wall and the other in a peninsula's base cabinet. For the peninsula, I'm thinking of an Electrolux Icon or Wave Touch. Because of the price difference, the choice depends on how much I spend on the other oven.

I would appreciate help in deciding whether the wall oven on the other side of the room (to the left of the dishwasher shown in the drawing below) needs to be the same as the peninsula oven. Would it look strange to use either an LG single wall oven or a Frigidaire Gallery in the wall spot, when the Icon or Wave Touch is in the peninsula? The purpose for having different makes is strictly to save money. Otherwise, I would be happy with 2 Icons.

I was all set to use two different ovens, then an appliance salesman convinced me that I should buy two of the same, either the Elux or the less expensive one, since two different oven styles would look odd. Now I'm rethinking whether to get 1 Elux Icon and a basic Frigidaire. I'm not sure whether the appearance would be strange, since they're pretty far apart.

Thanks again for the information and advice.

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Hi Fred,

I got some great advice when I posted regarding whether my appliance brands should match. I was particularly concerned about my wall oven clashing with my range.

I basically got a resounding "don't worry! they don't have to match!" from the GW crowd. The sentiment seems to be "buy what works for you--buy based on the function of each appliance as it applies to your needs."

I ended up with a Wolf range about 4 feet away from my Kenmore wall oven, on the same wall, and I couldn't be happier. You're going to spend a lot of time designing a kitchen with many, many design elements that tie in and relate to each other. This will pull your kitchen together. The last thing you need to worry about is matching wall ovens; just buy what you like, what you want, what works

Here's the thread I posted awhile back. The replies were really helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/kitchbath/msg1013523511177.html

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Madeline, What a useful link!

I'm still not sure whether having two different ovens will introduce a certain design discord that might be less of an issue with an oven and rangetop. Those two items are shaped so differently even in the same brand, that I totally get that it doesn't make a difference. But with ovens, I'm less sure, since the eye probably expects them to be the same.

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I have a wolf and ge Advantium. They look fine together. Some people ask if it is one oven or 2.
On iPhone but if you surf for a2gemini out if abb. you can see a picture.
Talk to your appliance salesperson to see if any different trim kits available to improve coordination.
Cryptic from iPhone.

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Here's that pic of a2gemini's wall ovens:

They look great together! Because they're juxtaposed and the same type of appliance, it's my preference that they look similar. But if appliances are not juxtaposed or if they're not the same type of appliance, all bets are off in my book. (My wall oven is next to a refrigerator of a different brand, and they don't look very similar except the finish.) So what I'm trying to say is: it'll look fine if you get two dissimilar wall ovens, since they're not right next to each other, IMHO.

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When we're talking different appliances, you absolutely don't have to get the same brand. Function over form!

My first inclination was "of course" 2 of the SAME appliance should be the same, but...they're going in 2 completely different locations. And if one is going to be a work-horse and the other is going to be an "extra" than it doesn't make sense to sacrifice performance b/c you can't afford 2 top-tier ovens.

So, feel free to mix and match based on performance and budget!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I have 2 ovens of different brands. I have a GE trivection on one wall and I have a Viking in the island. Both are black....that's the uniting element.


Viking (hard to get a pic in the narrow space)

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definitely you can mix. i think it's even more advantageous to have 2 different ones, to play off each other, which ones are best at what, etc. enjoy!

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I think a lot of people, similar to fouramblues, have 2 different brand ovens stacked right on top of each other because they chose each oven for specific functions. Some have a high-end steam oven and a "regular" oven of another brand. It's all good :)

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While I can't claim ownership of those beauties (a2gemini can), I completely agree with you, Madeline!

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Thanks four!
I know I can copy from iPhone but just more time consuming and limited time on this trip.

Lots of options for mix and match - the fridge is elux and my DW is Miele. I am also into function over fashion.

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Thanks so much to everyone who responded. It gave me lots to consider. I'm still pondering, but decided that I really don't need the Icon's three glide racks, which makes the decision to get two of the same ovens a little less expensive.

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