Opaque Glass an Unfinished Inside Cabs?

autumn.4October 16, 2013

Is this a total no-no? The cost up-charge to finish the inside of a cabinet was over $500. I am wondering if I used seeded glass which is what I would like for my dish cabinet - if I could get away with leaving the inside cabinet as is?

Has anyone done this? Is it just not done?

Thanks for any insight.


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Sophie Wheeler

Seeded glass isn't opaque. It's translucent. You can always see the interior and the contents. The interior of all cut for glass cabinets should always be finished to match. However, the only time that I ever had a $500 upcharge for the matching interior was for a large pantry that had glass doors. Double check that charge. For an ordinary wall cabinet, it should be about half that or less if you don't use matching species for the interior.

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Fori is not pleased

It depends on what color your cabinets (and their interiors) are. If it's totally different, it'll stand out. If it's similar, well, you can perhaps get away with it.

Would it work for your kitchen style to wallpaper or tack fabric up or paint on the inside of the cabinets for a personalized, finished look?

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Holly- 27" wide 39" tall cabinet but down to the counter, $572 credit to not do glass insert and finished interior. Another $1400 credit if we don't beadboard the 9x4 island... $1,400 to 5-panel the drawer fronts-Shiloh was only $600 for that. ??? Are those all out of line for Medallion silver line, painted white simple shaker door-Lancaster door style?

Fori- that is a thought. I am not a decorator by any means. In fact the built ins I want have only 1 exposed shelf because that is all I can handle!

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Sophie Wheeler

Oh, you're including the glass. That sounds right then. As do the other charges. V groove is surprisingly expensive, and it's virtually impossible to match the sheen and color well by DIY without a really good paint store and a sprayer. However, for the glass,it's cheaper to just have the matching interior done and buy the glass separately from a glass shop. The 5 pc drawer upgrade can depend on whether or not the top drawer is done as slab vs the 5 pc, as well as if the company uses actual maple vs MDF. (Most are now using MDF panels for painted drawer panels.)

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holly - I also had our master bath quoted in Medallion - same series. I wanted one of those counter top cabinets - 39" tall, 15" wide and that was $740. I thought that was shockingly high. No?

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Sophie Wheeler

It's got drawers and sits on the counter, right? Good drawer glides are $50 a piece more or less. It also depends on which door style and finish. Full overlay reverse raised panel is more expensive than partial overlay veneer panel. Are the sides finished with panels or just flush ply? Paint is one of THE most expensive upgrades, at usually around 15% upcharge. If you've got a glaze too, that can be 25% of the entire bill.

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Re: 5 panel-just the bottoms drawers. Top drawer slab, we actually prefer that look.

Bathroom-It has one drawer, same simple door style, alder stained. I believe the sides are just finished flat ply-but not positive.

What are you referring to with v-groove? Glass? I was hoping for seeded.

Thanks for the cabinet lesson holly, appreciate it.

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Autumn- often upcharges are higher in lower priced cabinets which is why you are finding prices high in Silverline. I haven't worked with Medallion for a while so don't know for sure but you might look at the next line up. Sometimes a slightly better cabinet comes in less.

For example I took a quick look at a few things your considering in my mainstream semi custom line (used a generous but typical markup on -in the Midwest could be a little less)

-15 x 54 cabinet with drawer, standard finished sides-$441
-27 x 39 wall cab $479
-add seeded glass doors to a 27 x 39 cabinet-$289
-21 sq ft of beaded panels 1" thick for island $1603
-five piece drawerheads in painted finish $47 each

there is a much less expensive way to do the bead board but would require a seam (in this line anyway) Using 1/4" thick beadboard, a batten over the seam and corner moldings is less than $225

Now typically this line prices in the ballpark of Shiloh but higher than Silverline. Point is different lines/brands have different strengths when it comes to pricing so take a look at the next level in Medallion.

Also compare the price for prep for glass but without the glass supplied. Many mfgs charge a premium for glass to cover breakage. You can get it locally and install on site.

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jakuvall-do you suppose that could be why Medallion Silverline priced out higher than Shiloh?

We were thinking of trying to tackle the beadboard ourselves - there is a place locally we can purchase it and another that could stain it to our liking. Do you think that is an easy DIY install? We are fairly handy.

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Sophie Wheeler

As I said upthread, it's virtually impossible to get V-groove paneling to match your other cabinets without a good paint store and a sprayer for a paint finish. If the cabinets are stained, it's even harder without someone with a lot of skill in color matching stains. Even if you were to buy a quart of stain from the cabinet company, because you wouldn't be able to duplicate exactly their process, you could end up with different colors. Especially if the species woods weren't the same.

DIY experience doesn't come into play on that unless you happen to be a color and finish expert DIYing the project. There's just too big of a learning curve for the casual DIYer.

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Sorry - I mixed two separate issues. Painting the interior of a cab to match no way would I try it. The island bead board will be stained and stand alone. I thought that would be no big deal since it doesn't have to match anything. That is what I was wondering.

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Yes that could be why.
Don't do the bead board or the interior diy as Holly said.
Try getting 1/4" bead board panels- corner molding and a batten for the center seam your likely to end up with in the back.

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Thank you. I wrote down exactly that and will ask today and see where that falls. I am also going to clarify finished interior cost vs glass insert and see how it breaks out.

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Autumn4, no wonder the glass doors price was so high when I got estimates of Kemper cabinets in November 2011. I did not go with the Kemper cabinets but I was told that the inside had to be finished if I was getting the glass and it was over $500 extra.

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lynn-I know - it's nuts! I had them price with finished interior but I do glass as an option so then I'll see the upcharge and go from there. I really hope it's not bad and that I can keep it!

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