Help with Selection; Pigmented Lacquer vs BM Latex Advance

enduringOctober 10, 2012

I am having a couple of cabinets made for me. The maker is suggesting a catalyzed lacquer paint that he can have matched to any paint. He would spray this on my cabinets before installing.

I am going to have a white used. I have selected a BM Affinity color. That I understand can be mixed into the BM Advance line, which is what I originally intended to use.

1) My concern is that the lacquer will yellow with time.

2) I've also heard that lacquer and oil is more brittle and subject to chipping.

3) How is lacquer to brush paint over (in the future) compared to latex?

I have done a search on the paint forum and there was one comment about latex looking good after 10 years, where as lacquer (and maybe oil) looking more beat up in that time.

What info do you guys have on this topic? I would love to hear from you. I need to make a product decision in 3 weeks.

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I'm also in the exact same situation! enduring, FWIW, I talked to at least 2 people at paint stores who favored a lacquer over latex. I'd also love to here the GW opinion on this though.

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Anybody with info on this topic? Please?

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Seeing as you aren't getting a lot of takers here, you probably should ask over on the paint forum. Report back, though, because just because we don't know doesn't mean that we aren't interested in the answer.

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I went through this exact dilema, with the same materials (BM Advance and cat lacquer)
I'm am just finishing up spraying my cabinets with pre cat lacquer.
The finish that you can achieve with lacquer is likely to be superior than with paint. Also, the finish coat is tougher.
The dry time is amazing, allowing you to complete the job in much better time and limiting the dust settling issues.
The old lacquers did yellow over time. The newer CAB lacquers do not.
Lacquer can be touched up and since it disolves into itself on reapplication, you can get a very good touch up finish.
I would recommend lacquer over paint.

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Do not use pre-cat lacquer tell the maker to use post cat conversion varnish. Lacquer will not stand up to moisture.
Forget latex.

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Cabmanct--Could you please elaborate on your response? I've not heard of post cat conv. I'm trying to learn the differences between these applications and am curious why you hold the opinion you do. Thanks so much!

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The typical spray finish for moisture / chemical rich environments is post catalyzed conversion varnish. It like " super lacquer".

Post Cat CV is a two part finish there is the product and a catalyst. The are mixed together and produce a finish that is far more durable that lacquer.

A layperson could not tell them apart in their raw state or on cabinets. This should not be a problem for your cabinetmaker, he should know this already. If he sprays pre cat lacquer on your kitchen cabinets I guarantee you will problems around your sink / wet areas.

The reason he might mot want to do it is because
1. he doesn't have the skill
2. he is lazy
Trust me its not rocket science

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Cabmanct--thanks for the detailed info on post cat. How is it different from pre cat? I appreciate your expertise on this!

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The difference is the addition of the catalyst.

Its like adding a super charger to fuel.

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this is interesting...I had not heard about the moisture differences between pre-cat and post cat lacquer. How do they differ? As I understood it the pre cat was just cat lacquer with a shelf life? From you comments there is more to it than that?

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moisture differences between pre cat lacquer vs post cat conv varnish.

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Just did a bit more reading...Pre Cat lacquer with a vinyl sealer, the finish will/should pass the KMBA kitchen and bath moisture standards but as you say, a conversion varnish is a superior finish.
I would guess a professional cab guy should familiar with all this and could shoot conversion varnish.

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Thanks for the responses to my questions. My cabinet guy plans to use M.L. Cambell's post cat lacquer, colored to the my selected BM color. He has had good results. So I am going with this technique and I can see that "cabmanct" would approve :)

I checked too with a fine woodworking shop in town that sells BM paint and they said that the Campbell's would be a better finish than the BM Advance.

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