Cambria Countertops - Looking for a modern edge and corners

berardmrOctober 6, 2012

My kitchen countertops were templated today. I have not picked my edge yet, but would love some recommendations on a clean, modern edge.

Another thing I hadn't thought about was the corners. For the "corner" turns in the counter, I was told that I wanted the soft, radius corners. After the templater left, I thought that maybe there's a cleaner look out there?

I don't think that softly rounded corners gives a contemporary look so, as with most everything in this remodel, I'm asking all of you for a recommendation.

Oh, I also have a farm sink, need some direction on how those edges and corners s/b finished too.

I'm open to suggestions and will need to make a decision early next week. Thanks!

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Let me clarify. I think I've decided on an eased edge. But do I have a choice on what type of raduis I want on the counters? If so, what is the best contemporary choice? Thanks again.

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Sophie Wheeler

You don't want anything tighter than about a 1/2" radius or your counter can crack from the stress. That's still pretty "square" looking to most people.

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We've got 1/2" radius with eased edge, and I like it very much. I was going for clean lines, traditional finishes with my reno. I believe this edge would look nice in a modern kitchen as well, but I'm biased!

(Cambria Buckingham quartz)

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That's it! That's exactly what I want. Thanks, fouramblues!

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Welcome! :)

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I also got eased edge on my Cambria and my guy brought a radius template and I got to choose my radius at each corner (I had a funny end where a wall didn't allow conventional overhang so it was a little shorter and we tweaked the radius there to get a good look which is why I wasn't picking the same radius all over).

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