Rachiele Sink installation

ArielSOctober 12, 2011

First of all, I would like to apologize for being a mooch. I've been lurking around GardenWeb for the better part of 2 years getting ideas, advice, recommendations, and warnings for the house I am now halfway through building without sharing with the community.

So, thank you.

I have a Rachiele "Smarter Sink" and custom bar sink going in my new dream kitchen. Dino was great in getting everything just the way I wanted it!

My plumbing contractor, on the other hand, seems a bit at sea. We did a walk through recently to find he had plumbed the middle of the sink cabinets rather than the right side and he doesn't think he can fit everything on the right side.

The only drawing on Dino's site just shows the sink and the garbage disposer.

Does anyone have a picture of their installed Rachiele sink or a plumbing diagram that shows the disposer, p trap, dishwasher line, etc. and how it was all situated? If not, could one of you open up your bottom cabinet and snap a pic? I promise not to laugh if you decided to hide the Halloween candy from the kids under there!

Thanks in advance!

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I really like the looks of Dino's sinks!

I don't have an installed sink to show you, but I did put some serious thought into this issue, as I am intending to use a sink with a rear corner drain. You can rotate the garbage disposal and the P-trap to try to match the drain. For my garbage disposal, rotating it moves the GD outlet on a radius of about 4.75". Rotating a standard P-trap moves it on a radius of about 3". Thus, by combinations of those two, you can move the outlet to drain a total of +/- 7.75". That is the good news. The bad news is that it looks like the drain in Dino's sink is 9" off center, so this may not be enough.

However, I am sure there is a solution. One that comes to mind is to extend the outlet from the GD a few inches, so that it moves on a larger radius.

If you don't get the requested picture from this thread, I would recommend two steps. One, I would post this question (not necessarily a request for pictures, but a description of the problem) on the plumbing forum here. Second, I would ask Dino! He must know how this is done. He can probably show you pictures.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rachiele sink dimensions.

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Thank you, Angie!

I did ask Dino if he had any pictures but he didn't. I'm pretty sure the plumber should be able to figure this out once he looks at it, but I did tell him to move the rough in to right side of the cabinet before they close up the wall.

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Oh, yes! If the walls are open, then by all means move the rough-in!

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I think your plumber if he knows what he is doing, should figure something out. Or you should hire a different plumber. I previously had a 6" deep, center-drain sink. I installed in its place a 9" deep sink with a corner drain, and a large batch-feed disposal. My plumber didn't bat an eye, and simply did whatever was needed - I am sorry, I don't know what it was, but he didn't make a big deal about it, he just noted it to me when he saw the sink. So it couldn't have been too challenging. He didn't even charge me for extra time to do it.

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Just saw this post. I have a 36" Rachiele farm sink. The first picture doesn't show the line from the DW so I included a picture earlier in the process that shows the line. I hope that helps.

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Duh! Just saw this post was from 2011. lol

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I was only looking at the month and day, not the year, and I noticed we were going back in time with your post, Poohpup! I know this is the time of year we "fall back", but I didn't know we could reverse time to that extent! LOL!

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I looked at this and right away thought of Poohpup! I am date-challenged most of the time!
Still love that sink!

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