cabinet knob/pull templates-have you altered one?

gale1965October 8, 2013

I bought a plastic template at Home Depot for installing our cabinet knobs and pulls. Only thing is, the holes aren't where we want. I want the pulls in the center of the smaller drawers and the same distance from the top on the larger drawers but the holes are just above and just below center. Would you just put it on the 'just above' or make new holes in the template? Or maybe put a spacer on the underside of the top of the template to hold the template up to the right position?

As for the knobs. I want to line them up with the horizontal rails on the doors but there's no hole there either. And no hole right in the center of the rail-only just to the right and just to the left of center. So I have the same options-make new holes or add some kind of spacers to the template. Anyone done either of these and have any advice? thank you.

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Tape measure, pencil, masking tape and an awl.

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I'm no expert, but when our cabinet guys drilled the drawers and doors, their template had holes in different places. I would add holes to your template and go from there.

Good luck, just be careful you don't confuse which holes go where!

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Thanks-I think that's what I'll do-add the holes. I read it's a good idea to put masking tape over all the holes and then poke out the ones you're using. The template I have has a ton of holes. Just not the holes I need. Go figure.

I really don't want to use just a tape measure, pencil, masking tape and awl. I have over 40 doors and drawers to install knobs/pulls on and I want to streamline it at least a little bit.

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