Melamine color inside kitchen cabinets

krishoel001October 16, 2013

Met with the cabinet manufacturer for our new construction kitchen yesterday. He asked about color for Melamine inside cabinets. We have about 20 choices on his ring of samples. Cabinets will be Cherry with no stain, slab doors and drawer fronts. Pretty modern kitchen, appliances will be paneled. Counters will be dark, not sure what yet. Floors will be maple, light stain if any.

For cabinet interiors, we have the option of a wood grain look, either maple or cherry. Of course, there is always white or almond, but that could be too light. He also mentioned that he has had a few people choose black interiors for kitchen cabinets and really liked it. Anyone done this or seen it in real life? What would your preference be? If black seems too stark, what about a charcoal "linen" look, a subtle cross hatching? I'll add a pic of this.

I'd appreciate hearing how others have made this choice!

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I would prefer it to match the outside color or will show dust and dirt and would feel cave like to me.

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Mine are white, and I'm happy with them. I don't have any glass doors.

My mom's cabinets are plywood, the interiors are stained about the same color as the sample you show - and they seem very dark.

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There was a huge upcharge for using colored melamine, so we went with white with our natural cherry. I would use maple if it looks natural because that's what wood drawer boxes are typically made from.

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I did a kitchen with cherry and black interiors 15 years or so ago, had lots of glass doors, and to this day is one of my favorite kitchens!

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Ctycdm, I don't suppose you have any pictures of that beautiful kitchen?

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I'd avoid black or any dark interiors unless you were going to be using interior lighting triggered by the door opening, ala, Hafele's LED proximity switches. As we age, we need a LOT more light than when we are young, and light reflective surfaces become much more important in things you'd never think about. Like cabinet interiors.

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Sorry no pics, it may have been 20 years ago, way before GW and Houzz... at a time when taking pictures of cabinets and counters would have seemed strange;)

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I am often tempted to try an actual color inside cabinets, because I tend to design painted neutral kitchens.

There is an interior designer who I can't remember but he did a fair amount of "white" spaces and he would sometimes paint the unseen underside of tables and chairs a bright color that would reflect onto the other white surfaces in a subtle way --I always thought that was interesting.

I like the linen but I am not sure I would do a pattern with a grained wood like cherry. I would probably do a plain color.

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Glass Doors on Cherry Cabinets showing interior color is what the link has. I think it looks nice. Can't they just use a few coats of glass clear shellac inside to let the natural cherry come through?

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass Doors on Cherry Cabinets showing interior color

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Sophie Wheeler

The boxes of cabinets are NOT the same material as the doors. No one would pay for cherry boxes as standard! That's an upgrade, and only one you pick when you have glass doors where the boxes actually show. Otherwise, the most common solution is the light maple/birch that the boxes are made from is simply clear coated. Some cabinet lines offer the interior done the same color as the exterior as a standard without upcharge, but you're getting the whatever color stain on the birch/maple, not on cherry. And your're going to be in the upper tier of pricing for that extra to be a no charge inclusion.

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We were originally wanting a dark interior to our cabinets (our exterior will be dark), but came to realize that a dark interior would make it more difficult to see inside them so we're sticking with a natural maple interior.

Still like the *idea* of a dark interior, but the reality of use/functionality caused us to go with lighter.

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