Update- Your suggestions on the outdated kitchen

LonelyGoatherdOctober 22, 2013

I wanted to just update the original post but I didn't see a way to change the post title to say "updated" so I just started a new post. Sorry.
Here is the original post regarding my parents and their outdated kitchen.


You all gave such great suggestions! Their kitchen still needs some work as they will be changing the lighting fixtures and the ceiling fan. It's just taking them a while. But I did want to show you all some progress pictures! The color they picked is a really soft, sage green and it really looks so nice in person against the honey oak cabinets. I'd totally recommend getting a soft green if you want to give an updated and fresh look to oak cabinets without having to paint them.
Thanks again for all of your suggestions! I'll post final pictures when they are done.

Again, the before picture

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And the after!
I don't know how to do multiple pictures in one post.
Is that possible?

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another view

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That is an amazing change. Love the new color.

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Wow. I didnt offer any suggestions at the time but it sure looks like an amazing transformation. A testament to the power of GW. I love the wainscotting and the color.
Two little additional tweaks, for you to think about:
continue the baseboard trim to the back of the peninsula
over the sink window remove the valance and convert to a pendant to get rid of the nipple light.
Not necessary but would be even nicer IMHO

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That's a great idea about the baseboard trim. They are definitely getting rid of the valance and the light up there. My parents live out of state but they are visting my house this weekend and my mom and I are going to pick out new lighting. My parents are seniors and are kind of out of touch with what's modern. We plan on getting a pendant light above the sink and replacing the ceiling fan with some type of light.

any suggestions on what to replace the fan with?

It's amazing how paint can transform a room isn't it?

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Wow! Totally agree on the color selection & wainscoting! Great job!

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Wow, so the only difference is the paint and the removal of that railing on top of the cabinets?
Is the hardware black or chrome? I can't see.
I'd put a pendant like this pendant from IKEA for 19.99 over the sink:

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Nosoccermom that's it! Just paint and taking off the spindle around the cabinets. My mom also took away the pink flowers and put a plant there.

That is exactly the type of light we were thinking for over the sink. Something that is modern but nothing that stands out too much. I know they make pretty colored lights but we want to keep it neutral.

What should we replace the ceiling fan with? That's the part I'm stuck on. I know people don't like the "boob" lights. LOL That and "nipple" lights crack me up. I'm just stuck on what to replace it with. We'd want a flush mount light right? The ceilings are 8 feet so we don't want anything that hangs.

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oh and they also got rid of the pot belly stove that was purely decorative anyway.

They are going to buy two barstools to sit at the counter as well.

And they spray painted the hardware with an oil rubbed bronze paint and put them right back on. We were going to get new hardware and then someone in the other post suggested painting what is there to cover up the brass and not dealing with trying to find a style that the new owner would like. It's amazing the difference for so little money!

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What a dramatic improvement! I think the Ikea pendant that nosoccermom suggested is cute. I don't have any specific suggestions for the center light, but given the relatively low ceiling height I'd look for a low-profile flushmount fixture--something simple.

To put more than one pic in a post you need to (1) Upload your photos to a photo hosting site like Photobucket and (2) Copy and paste the html code for the photo into your post with the rest of your text.

When you use GW's feature to upload an image file, the photo gets stored on the GW site (so you don't need a separate photo hosting site) BUT the GW feature only does one pic at a time.

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Maybe something like this. It's bronze and has the slightly curvy glass like the breakfast area lamp. From Overstock for 40.00

or this for 30.00.

Maybe this for the ceiling:

or this:

I kind of like this style, but I think a lot of people don't:

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Are they keeping the light over the dining table? If yes, I'd try to coordinate the other lights with it in some way. If not, get 3 lights that go well together.

Everything looks great! Amazing what a coat of paint can do. And I agree about continuing the baseboard. I noticed that right away.

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Thanks for the update! The hardware looks great, and the color is beautiful. What an impact that little rail had!

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What a difference. I kept scrolling back and forth to see all you have done. It looks just great! What do your parents think? Do they like it?

So nice of you to be helping them with this.


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Wow - looks great!!! Please provide the update on the decorating forum if you haven't already....yes, like justretired asks, let us know your parent's reaction to the new look. Sure will make a difference in how the house shows! - hope they have good luck!

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I was just yesterday wondering what they had done -- thanks for posting!

I am amazed at what a change of paint color (and the detail of the wainscoting) did. Really all beautiful together!

It seems that every lighting source has suites of fixtures for just this situation, not very pricey. I would get ORB to match the pulls, and go for a very simple style, like the 3rd fixture that Nosoccermom showed.

I do love that second fixture, though. It just doesn't seem right with the wainscoting, to me.

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Soooooooooooooooo much better. That's the power of paint! The new colors are so restful to the eyes (that mauve was painful to see against the honey oak!).

I can't stop looking back and forth between the before and after pictures!! Nice choices...love the wainscoting!

What did your parents do with the little doggie statue?

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That looks amazing!! What a difference. Beautiful colors.

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cawaps thanks for the info on uploading multiple pics!

Doggie statue is packed away along with pink flowers! My parents absolutely love the kitchen. My mom said they don't know why they didn't do it sooner. They moved in the house so long ago and it was already painted that color and I guess over the years they just got used to it.

I haven't seen it in person but my mom said the pictures don't do it justice. This is just with their phone's camera.

Those are great ideas for the lighting! Definitely going to stick with the ORB finish so it matches. Then a few more tweaks they need to do and they'll be set.

The thing is the rest of the house really is ready to sell. They have all neutral colors, all hardwood flooring, and kind of a traditional/transitional style. It was the kitchen that was killing it. And I know on decorating shows they'll say, "Oh it's just paint" but really you can see how paint makes the room!

I will definitely do another update when it's finished. This time it won't be as dramatic as 75% of the problem was the paint but at least you'll be able to see.

Thank you all again for all of the tips. When the time comes in the future for us to sell, I'll definitely get feedback here!

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I know this is old, but I would suggest removing the ceiling fan and spraying the housing and parts the blades are attached to the same paint as the handles were sprayed, and cleaning the blades then spraying them white.

I love the new look in the eating area with the molding, and the way it was brought around the kitchen, it really looks beautiful, fresh, and new.

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