Do any of these tile work for backsplash?

marti8aOctober 18, 2012

There is one that dh likes and I'm on the fence. If you agree with dh, he gets to watch football tomorrow night. ;)

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No football.
I don't really know what look you are going for but none of those tiles seems to do anything. I think you should keep looking.

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I just want a tile that compliments the backsplash. I'm not really particular with it at all. None of these do that IMO, although the middle one is ok, unless the color of it is too far off.

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Kathy Rivera

Too pinky/orange, too white, too green/grey

I think b/c the granite is a speckley one, you need to go with a more solid looking tile.

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Let him watch football anyway just because he gave you an opinion. After a while it's impossible to get opinions out of them.

It might help to see the cabinets, but I don't like any of them. My first impression was like KathyNY - too pink/too white/too gray.

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I believe the Seahawks are playing tonight, on the NFL Channel :)

As for the tile, I agree with Kathy...solid rather than speckles. Maybe with an accent tile?

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I would agree that a solid tile would go better with the speckled countertop.


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I agree also - solid tile would be better - but let him watch the football game anyway - I had to drag DH into the kitchen to help pick the tiles.
Out of the bunch - maybe the center one

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Another vote for none of those. Do not, I repeat, do not ask your DH an opinion until you have found a tile that WE (your GW friends) all agree on! Then, and only then, let him choose if, and only if, we have more than one tile in the running.

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LOL ellendi. I'll have to remember that. I do have one more tile sample, a travertine. I like the color of it, but I don't want to mess with sealing a backsplash.

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A vote for none of them. All of these tiles seem to clash with the pattern of the counters :( I would go for a solid myself.

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Marti8a, that looks like the Viterria Silver Lake quartz I have on order. My first thought was also a subway tile to jazz up my boring existing oak cabinets. From the three samples you presented, I like the middle best but again it doesn't pop much. I'm eagerly awaiting more samples and suggestions, and absolutely leave it to GW'ers to create a fabulous combination.

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For some reason, I keep finding a lot of diagonal tile backsplashes, with dark wood cabinets and lighter granite. Do you like any of these?

From [Kitchen plans]( From [Kitchen plans]( From [Kitchen plans](
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The middle one looks better with regard to texture (as in less of it, but still maybe too much) and the left is better for color, but too busy. I agree with the "keep looking" conclusion.

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I would tile the BS with the countertop material before choosing another speckled/patterned BS no matter what the color.

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I'm also in the keep looking camp. I think something warmer, in a solid tone would work better.

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I agree with exactly what KathyNY76 said. The left one is too pink. The middle is too white. And the left is too gray. Because the granite has a lot of speckles, I'd look for something more solid.

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I agree with the others - keeping looking. And I ditto Ellendi's suggestion too! :) Can you also post a picture that includes the cabinetry. I think that would help in terms of getting the full picture!

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Hi Marti,
Are you thinking stone, or are you also open to ceramic and porcelain? Oops, how about metallic?

This is weird, Lowes has stick-on brushed metallic subways in a champagne color that might look good. DH would LOVE stick-on (though you are likely doing it, right?). The two reviews say use liquid nails, too. No grout with these, so there is a step saved. You need a metal-cutting blade on a saw to cut them. They look nice online. They come in different sizes and with the brushed finish going longways or vertically, so you can get texture patterns, not that you would want that. The photo below seems to be a vertical brushed finish on a longitudinal subway. This is the Champagne color. The longways brushed finish might be nicer. With your darker stain, these could really add sparkle and contrast!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lowes Aspect tiles

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LL, I love those first two. Do you know what it is? When we get all the plumbing mess off the counters I'll take another photo from further back. I like diagonal too.

Nancy, I am only looking at ceramic or porcelain and so far have just looked at those that look like stone. I'm not crazy about solid color subways or metallics, in fact I don't really like them at all.

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I agree - none of the 3. too busy w/your granite.

I think something like the background tile in this pic with a color/tone that matches with your granite. The granite here is very busy and has golds, yellows, black, grey in it.

that one has light shining on it - maybe flash
here's another pic w/ no light

the granite in these pics -

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Just out of curiosity, which tile does your DH like? I agree with others, if you have to pick one of those 3, I like the middle one best, but I think you can find a better tile.

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It'll be difficult if you don't like solids, because your speckly granite just calls out for something in calm contrast to bring out the color and let it shine without competition. Stone-looking tile next to stone is always a hard sell, IMO, or even 2 stones trying to coordinate...but there should be a faux travertine in ceramic that has sweeping, subtle movement instead of the speckles without the need for sealing. I hope you find something you can love!

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