Thoughts on an under cabinet kitchen radio with CD player

westsider40October 8, 2013

Ok, I know, I know. I, too, sweated every single detail of my sweet and final, forever kitchen. But that was 2 and one half years ago and it is quite lived in. Although I hate clutter, it did creep in somewhat. I have, among other stuff, a permanent pile of sudoku books!

I enjoy books on audiotape in my car and I want to continue listening to the sometimes gripping story but there is no CD player in my kitchen. None. I get fidgety and suffer withdrawal (to an extent) when I am cut off from my book. My kitchen is smallish, 18x10. Every, or most every inch, is thought out. I don't have the room for a countertop radio and I secretly lust for a hundred buck Sony under cabinet unit.

The purity of my kitchen design/vision is a ship that sailed long ago. Stuff exists, tomatoes, stack of files, you know, detritus. My custom cabinets were the way most expensive and least compromised (money wise) aspect of my k-room. Sorry to say that other than 3 bitty shots my grandson posted for me, no online photos exist.

I don't care any more about a few nail holes in a cabinet and those holes wouldn't show anyway. Can I have my radio? Would you think less of a kitchen with an undercabinet radio? I just haven't seen it featured on Houzz, lol.

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I had one in my old kitchen. Happy to get rid of it. I couldn't stand looking at it. That said, if you can put it in an unobtrusive place, maybe it wouldn't be terrible. Or can you find a portable player that you can put away when not in use?

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Technology is changing so rapidly - are you sure you want a cd player installed? I thought we were now into Ipods or jump drives? I have a portable radio/cd player that I keep in a corner of the counter; I can put it away when I'm tired of looking at it...although it'd YOUR kitchen, so it seems like you can do what you darned well want! And - if you do want a cd player, there might be ways of making it a bit unobtrusive....

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Good thoughts, Bluedevil. Thanks.

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I know my kids put all cds on their ipods and mine too. With an ipod you would need ear buds or an ipod base which you can get with a clock and radio. I guess that puts you back where you are now as the ipod base would be on the counter.

Apparently I am of no help but do think you need to think beyond the cd.

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Could you download new audio books onto your laptop or ipad from now on? Load the CD into your computer?Kindle? Drive your car into the kitchen and listen on the car radio? lol

I used to have one of those Sonys. I wasn't sorry to take it to the Salvation Army store for someone else to enjoy. And look at. I wouldn't say it was unobtrusive.

I am usually firmly in the "do whatever you want--it's your kitchen" camp. In this case, though, I do think there are better (and more convenient) options for listening to your books.

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I have an undercabinet unit. Has TV audio, too! But, of course, it's analog, the signal is now digital, so that part doesn't work. The CD player, which I loved for books and music, quit working 2 years ago. I do like having the radio around, especially on weekends when I can listen to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me with my coffee and Prairie Home Companion while I make supper :)

Don't have an iPod, have a TV in the kitchen, can listen to Playaway books with a speaker, but it is nice having a radio NOT in the way.

Does anybody fix CD players anymore? (Did they ever?)

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S eating grin. Slaps head!

Anyone remember the old movie, "Charade"? With Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, where they try to find a fortune which was hidden by Audrey's late husband?

I have a MacBook sitting on the kitchen table. Voila! With a spot for cd's! That's it. Without you talking me off the ledge,and giving me wonderful ideas, and moving me into this century, I never would have thought of it. I hadn't thought of it until 15 minutes ago. I don't have to add any one thing at all, but use what I have, right? It should work. Big smile. Thank you all ever so much.

Oh, and I started looking at the stuff and remembered that the buzzword for clearing out the Tupperware, pre Reno, was 'brutal'.

Your suggestions and advice were invaluable. Will use to attack 'stuff'.

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Light bulbs going off in your head - I love it!
Have fun listening to your books.

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Shanghai, hey, I didn't even think of it,but read what you said, and that is what you said! Oh my, but my mind does play funny tricks. How could I believe ,even for a short while, that I thought of it, as I was reading all the responses? Hummms the twilight zone theme. Thanks.

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