How to prep for backsplash tiling (starts tomorrow)

gsmamaOctober 14, 2012

So excited that backsplash gets installed tomorrow (it's been over a year since kitchen was put in)!

I'm wondering how to prepare for tilers--I want to minimize dust due to allergies my son and I have. I'm not sure how much dust gets generated from cuttin tiles down, mixing grout, etc.

Should I clear out all the cabinets (sigh) or can I encase them in plastic with the food and dishes still in them? They are inset cabinets so my thinking would be to tape plastic sheeting to the caninets.

Would love suggestions/perspective on what to expect.


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They should be mixing the glue outside, and the grout when it is time too. Also, tile cutting should be done outside too.

Just make sure the floors are all covered in the kitchen the counters are covered (they should take care of that for you). Also the path that they travel to and from the saw should be covered. You can use brown paper from Lowe's or HD.

There was no dust generated in our house, we just got done 2 days of putting the tile up in the kitchen.

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I left everything in place- no problem! I planned to pull items but no more energy and GC didn't ask me to move anything.
So exciting!

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How to prep? Chill the champagne!

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