Restoration Hardware Utility Latches ?

2LittleFishiesOctober 8, 2012

I may order 5 before the sale ends today but am wondering if any of you have used them. They are about 1.5" wide and the ones from Rejuvenation are

1 7/8" wide. Just wondering if they are a good size?


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I just received my "small" utility latch from rejuvenation, and it seems small to me, but I haven't installed it yet.

From what I've read on past threads, the rejuvenation latch has a much smoother operation than the RH version.

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Thanks laurajane-- Maybe the RH is too small then... and it's good to get the info that the rejuvenation may be smoother to use. Thanks!

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It may depend on your style of doors. Mine are Ikea and "frameless" so I had to go with bigger latches for them to work. The only place I could find them affordable and the right size was Crown City Hardware.
Overall: 2 1/16" Height x 2 1/4" Width
Latch: 1 5/8" WIdth
Strike: 5/8" Width From Almost finished Kitchen From Almost finished Kitchen

Here is a link that might be useful: Cabinet Latches

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Did you decide?

I just read through some old threads (for like the 100th time). I think Katieob used the small Rejuvenation latches, but jbrodie did for sure if you want to see some photos. Katieob did comment that she ordered the RH ones and returned them because she didn't like how they operate.

I also ordered some of the Cliffside brass icebox latches. I think their regular latches are good too.

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