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KYrenovationOctober 5, 2012

Hi. I'm not sure where to start with the kitchen renovation process.

Do I start with a mood board? If so, I have made a crude board here:

I have a few concerns: my kitchen is opened to my foyer. This is painted in SW wool skein. The raised bar and open walkway lead into our family den with stone fireplace, reclaimed wood mantle, built in bookcases in SW contented and walls in SW wool skein. The kitchen also flows into the formal dining room which is painted in SW distance.

Will my cabinet color choice clash? I have thought of doing the cabinets in white, but feel it lacks personality. However I'm worried my kitchen won't connect to the surrounding rooms....but I think the floor (the sun washedbvintage oak along the bottom of the board) along with the reclaimed wood shelves ( also used on built in bookcases flanking fireplace) will connect the den and I off base?

I want soap stone or marble, but I think I may need to temporarily use laminate for a few years as I recover from the first floor renovation. Does the black grit work with my elements? My gc gets reduced prices on Formica and wilsonart. Is there any color you'd suggest that may work from those lines?

We will be using white appliances. I have questions about layout as well, but no graph paper handy at the moment so will need to post that later.

Any thoughts on the direction my kitchen may head? Please share your concerns and advice. Thank you in advance!

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Sorry The link didn't work first posting

Here is a link that might be useful: Mood board

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You've heard us mention Kitchen Creep, right?

Meaning that the style of the kitchen will surely end up dictating the decor in the rooms around it, and the reno will be creeping into other rooms.

Are you up for painting other rooms? The reclaimed wood will work, in my opinion. I love the look of the marble/light blue/chrome/glass mood board and I think if you bring in some sort of reclaimed wood into the kitchen you will be tying the rooms together. Doesn't have to be exact. But some open shelving with it? Or maybe you can do butcher block counter in some part? Or even the lighter bleached looking wood chairs for the table could bring it in.

I'm not very familiar with the paint colors you mention, but I *think* that wook skein is a pretty neutral color, right? not quite a gray, but not a tan..right? It looked a little green when I brought a chip of it home when someone suggested it to me. But that was in this house.

Look for Finestra's kitchen. It is a pale blue like you posted.

Find the post that is titled "new to kitchens". It will help you with a lot of your questions. Take the Sweeby test that is found there.

Have you looked at any of the formica that looks like marble? It might be a nice and inexpensive way to see if that is the look you want. The formica is incredible these days.

Looking forward to seeing more of your project!

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