Need Paint Color Help!

debbienp7October 15, 2012

I need a paint color that will look good with our kitchen floor tile, which is a dusty roseish/putty type color. I will post photos. We did not change out the flooring with the rest of the remodel, but now I need to find a color that will go decently with it. In the photos you can see the cabinets, which is Sherwin Williams Navajo White and our granite which is Vintage Delicatus. There are only a few small areas in our kitchen that need paint. But the flooring extends into our laundry room too. (The moldings will be stained the same color as the post in the kitchen photo.) I thought I wanted a tan paint color, but we got a tinted primer of the color I thought I wanted and I don't like it at all. It is too dark and I am second guessing my choice of tan. The other hard part is that the color needs to look good with the stained moldings also, which I have found challenging in the past. I am wondering if I should go with Farrow and Ball French Grey, which is a greyish green, or something similar. What do you all think? I'd love to hear any ideas!

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Laundry room with tinted primer the tan color I thought I wanted.

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Granite color w/ one of the pendant light fixtures that aren't installed yet.

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Farrow and Ball French Gray.

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Love the French Gray. When I read your post my first thought was a light gray. I think it would look nice with your floor and countertop.

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I think I will try that shade! I hate that I'll have to order it though--there are no stores that carry Farrow & Ball where I live.

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Your local paint store may be able to color match the Farrow and Ball paint. The formulas are usually available to them and they can mix it. Some people say it may not be an exact match but I have not had any bad experience color matching other brands of paint. It maybe worth it to mix up a quart to try on your walls. Also primers mixed to match your chosen color will not usually be the exact color because the primer paint is different than regular tintable paint bases. A shade of gray may look great in your kitchen and laundry room but be aware that you may have to try several shades to get the correct one for the rooms. I tried 5 or 6 samples in my daughters house before finding one that didn't look bluish or purplish in her house. Ended up with BM's Stonington Grey

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I didn't know that the different paint brands had each other's formulations. I thought they used their "guns" to match the color off the paint chips. I usually haven't had great results w/ the guns matching the color. Maybe next time I will ask if SW or BM can mix up a Farrow and Ball color, but I just ordered the sample pots of Farrow and Ball French Gray and Pavilion Gray. Hopefully they will arrive quickly. I'm also going to go to Sherwin Williams and get a sample of their Anew Gray. I'll take a look at BM Stonington Grey. Thanks for the tip on asking a local paint store to match F&B!

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I color matched Farrow's cream using Sherwin Williams paint. I'm not sure if it's a perfect match - I am sure I love it.

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Claudia, did SW match it w/ a gun or did they have a formulation on file for F&B cream already? I'm glad you are happy w/ it!

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How about BM Weimeraaner (sp) - getting too late to see my spelling error.
We went with BM Coastal Path - which has a bit more brown tone than either Weim or the French Gray.
I was not pleased on color matching at either the BM or SW stores - had to keep trying til one of them got it right!

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I'll check out Weimeraaner and Coastal Path!

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