Any recommendations on a reliable, industrial look faucet?

lolittakatOctober 3, 2012

We are about to replace the counter tops and it would be nice to have everything on hand so it could be cut appropriately. We are in love with industrial looking faucets like in the picture attached, this one is very expensive, and we'd like to spend around $200 or less. I've seen many knockoffs online, but don't want to buy anything i don't know the quality of. My in-laws bought a very similar one in Costco for under $150 and they are thrilled with it, but Costco doesn't seem to carry those anymore. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

thank you!

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you can try looking into kraus. i think a lot of people are happy with this brand. they sell these on overstock.
other brands are american standard and danze which have versions of this semi-pro faucet too for under $200.
i have used danze before in my bath though and i have to say i was not happy with how they have held up.

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You are NOT going to find reliability at that price point. Look for an American brand like Kohler, American Standard, Delta, or Chicago Brass. Just be sure it's designed for residential use and not actual commercial use. The difference is the plumbing connection size and whether or not you hose down your entire kitchen vs. just the dirty plate. If the faucet isn't around 1K, then it's either an import, or a true commercial model.

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thank you, i will look into Kraus further

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I wouldn't recommend any of the imports for a faucet. Unlike a Chinese sink that you might possibly change out if it rusts on you in a couple of years, a faucet is under constant water pressure and needs to be MUCH more reliably robust internally. If it breaks, so many more bad things can happen than if it just rusts. Can you say 30K worth of water damage to your home?

I've spec'd the Kohler many many times, and there has never been an unhappy client, ever. For something that is just about the hardest working appliance in your kitchen, it's worth increasing your budget to get something that is quality. Or, put in an inexpensive $150 decent quality Delta in now that just isn't quite your style and save up to change out the the one you want. Changing a faucet isn't that difficult if you own a basin wrench.

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We have the Danze Parma faucet and I like it. It is a bit stiff and won't touch the bottom of your sink - but really, who needs it to touch the bottom of a sink?I did have a leak at the nozzle at around 2 year mark, called Danze and they sent replacement head with no questions asked. I'm debating on getting for new house, I've only started shopping so I'm not sure what's out there since 5 years ago when I build this house.

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Check EBay and Craig's list - you might luck out.
Chicago makes some industrial faucets but sure they are much more than $200

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We have the Kraus KPF-1602, installed about a year and a half. We paid about $225 (free shipping) from expressdecor (they were also running a 10% discount coupon at the time). We really like it. We were inspired by Robinst's photos of the same faucet in her kitchen, so we bought it just based on her pics and description, and didn't actually see it in real life.

Not only is it beautiful, but it has two faucets, not just one, and we find both very useful. Also, we saw a faucet like the one you pictured in your OP - look at the handle in your pic - it seemed so fragile to us in the showroom. The Kraus handle is beefy, so we don't worry about it with teenage boys. In fact, the entire KPF-1602 was so heavy, we were surprised when we received it. Also, the sprayer water pressure is fantastic. Some of the commercial faucets we saw in showrooms didn't seem to have a lot of moveability to the sprayer; i.,e. the sprayer was stiff. I am not talking about touching the bottom of the sink like ne_flyingdiver mentioned. I am describing that our Kraus sprayer goes into all corners of our sink easily.

GreenDesigns mentions reliability. For us, so far so good. But indeed, longevity is a risk at this price point, which we decided we were willing to take. And it's on us if we bet wrong. Yes, perhaps if we spent the $1200+ on the Franke or Hansgrohe faucets we'd get a longer life. Hard to know if they are worth 6x the price that we paid for our faucet. I know there have been some negative reports on this forum about the Blanco commercial-style faucets and their lack of water pressure. So spending more does not necessarily mean you get a better faucet.

Kraus KPF-1602

Robinst's Thread

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We got this one from IKEA ($239). We've only had it for about 3 weeks and love it. It looks much better than in the picture, very industrial looking I think.

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About the Kraus, help explain more about the 2 faucets/spouts?
Can I be using the sprayer, while DH uses the other spout at the same time?

This would eliminate my desire to install 2 regular faucets (he likes to use HOT water, so everytime I turn on the faucet, I jump because I don't like using hot water - except for boiling pasta.)

going to search for youtube video of someone using the Kraus faucet.
love it.

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Huango - in answer to your question, you and DH can stand next to each other and use the faucet and the sprayer at the same time. However, there is only one temperature handle that controls the temperature for both faucets. So you would not be able to have the water in the regular-flow faucet be a different temp from the water in the spray faucet.

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Thank you everyone for your input! As much as I would love to splurge on every item in the kitchen, i have to stay reasonable. And considering that we are planning on living here for under 5 years, i really don't want to over improve. After much deliberation we ended up ordering Danze D455158SS. it looks the best in my opinion for it's price range. They also seem to have a very good warranty, in case something goes wrong

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Alwaysfixin: thank you for your reply.
I think I'll be just as happy to have 2 spouts. (I'll just let DH think my little 'jumps' are because of him being near me. hhahhaa)

Another question about the Kraus 1602:
when you turn on the main/bottom knob, does the sprayer turn on immediately?
Or do you have to "turn on" the sprayer (by squeezing the handle/clutch part)?

I saw a youtube video where the sprayer turned on as soon as he turned on the faucet, even w/out squeezing the sprayer handle. Is the youtube showing how the Kraus 1602 really work, or did he install it wrongly?

Or does the faucet/sprayer function more like this Vigo faucet?

I want a faucet sprayer to function like the Vigo one.
(But I like the reviews of Kraus brand, and expressdecor has 15% off right now).

thank you very much,

(sorry to hijack: started a new thread w/ this question.)

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