Any problems with Galaxy Supply?

marti8aOctober 23, 2012

I bought my sink/grid/cutting board on Aug 27 and it arrived Sep 1, without the grid. It was backordered, but nothing on the order said that. I found out when I emailed to ask why it was left out.

On Sept 19 I was told they should receive them in 2 weeks and would send it then, which would put it about Oct 6.

On Oct 15 I inquired again to ask when it was sent and was told that there had been a delay and they should be receiving them that week and would send out when they are received.

Here it is Oct 23 and I need to send a dispute to the cc tomorrow or it won't get to them within the 60 day deadline.

I'm wondering if Galaxy is delaying this until it is too late to file because they have no intention of sending the grid, or if this is a normal delay?

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I would go ahead and file the dispute with the CC company to protect your rights. If the grid arrives later you can always reverse your complaint. If you have any emails from Galaxy stating the changed delivery dates, you should include them in your correspondence with the CC company.

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I sincerely doubt Galaxy is stringing you along until the dispute deadline is reached.

Because of their popularity (in large part to all of us who have used them and highly recommend them), they are often backordered on the more popular products. I think they just have not been able to get an order from their supplier yet.

However, if you're worried, then go ahead and contact your CC company - don't just arbitrarily file a dispute - ask the CC company what they recommend and include all the details. Unfortunately, it's the "last minute", so you will need to move quickly on this.

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