Granite Install Muck Ups

EATREALFOODOctober 26, 2012

I thought you might find these photos informative. I'm not sure why no one sent in photos of marble, SS or quartzite. It's probably just b/c of the sheer volume of granite work.

Here is a link that might be useful: bad installation/granite photos

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I really blasted the owner of the shop who installed my quartz, but at least the boneheaded tactics did not result in permanent damage. During the install, they realized there wasn't enough space allowed for my range to fit, so they just got out their grinder saw (or whatever is used to cut quartz) and fired away until the hole was big enough. Do you have any idea how much dust gets generated when you cut these products? They made no effort to shroud off the kitchen from the rest of the house, let alone take the slab outside to work on. And they disposed of all the packing refuse, plus their lunch leftovers, in a cardboard box they found in one of the cupboards. But it wasn't a garbage box, it was the box of hardware and tools my cab installer had neatly stashed to tidy up his space. When my GC came by, the grey haze still had not settled, but he was furious. My entire house was coated with a layer of stone dust, and he had to hire house cleaners to come in and clean everything before he could resume work in the kitchen.

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Amazing isn't it that they consider every job a one shot deal and it won't influence their future business. They are right of course, because now businesses are suing people for posting negative reviews on yelp. The only recourse the customer has is to bring them to court which is costly and extremely aggravating in "normal" times forget about in the middle of a renovation. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm sure others will feel a little better when they think about their nightmares. When things like that go on you end up shaking your head not quite understanding the complete idiocy of some businesses. Unless you've been through it others don't understand...

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