kitchen layout and appliance usage

azjennyOctober 5, 2013

Broad topic I know:
But I am going to post a picture of our layout so far. The island will extend a bit longer in front of the fridge/freezer (elux), and there will be a prep sink it the island (but where?)... But otherwise I think it will be about like this. The pantry is 36" pull out next to the fridge and there will be additional pantry space in the laundry room.
The range is a 36" range.

Does it look ok?
I am really not sure about the size of the range, and what type of microwave or speed oven we will need.
I currently use my toaster oven about 90% of the time, and don't want to have a toaster oven on the counter in this house. So I am wondering if I am making a mistake with that large of an oven.
The problem is that a 30" range would look tiny in this kitchen, and if I do a 36" cooktop then I would need to do wall ovens and I don't know where we would put them.
We can put a speed oven or mw in the island undercounter...

Any opinions or ideas for us? The windows on the cooktop wall are not there currently and so could be reconfigured.

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The fridge and freezer look out of proportion to the rest of the kitchen. In fact, the kitchen itself appears to be quite large, so perhaps that's also out of proportion. Do you have an actual layout? One that includes the adjacent spaces?

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Hmm... I agree that the fridge/freezer does look large in the layout, and would be happy with another idea for location, but I do think that I want that fridge/freezer combo because of both price and size. They are 32" each.
I was originally going to do a 48" but the ones I was looking at are more expensive than this set up, and the freezer is narrow.

I am planning to extend the island a bit so that it blocks a bit of the freezer.

I don't think the kitchen is huge, but I also don't think it looks that way in this picture. I don't have a layout that looks like a blueprint.
Maybe I can make one. At the moment I just have renderings like this.

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Maybe this picture will help for an idea of proportion.
And if it helps, the long wall that backs to the garage is about 24' long.

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