Looking for backsplash help - I'm finally here!

phiwwyOctober 4, 2012

At long last, we are actually in a position to consider backsplash tiles AND hold them up in our space. Granite is not in yet - but it's Bianco Antico and I put a small sample of it in the mix.

Attaching one photo here, but the link to others is here


1st 2 pix were after the lights were hung (one is high to stay out of the way, for now).

We are looking for a pretty understated look (DH is). The hood is oil rubbed bronze and the strapping/lip is blackened steel. All SS appliances. Light are ORB.

I think we like the 4x10 field tile (the color is Wooden Beige) and you can see I've got quite a few sample boards all with that same beige marble.

I am really liking the 4x4 pewter toned square tile as an accent - but I have no idea what to do with it!

Love to hear any and all ideas - thanks!

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Attaching one close up of some of the tiles for a better look. And I think the link now will be clickable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Backsplash possibilities

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I like the larger field tile but then I my taste leans toward simplicity. Your hood is GORGEOUS

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You're kitchen is really coming together beautifully. Love your glass cabinets and the creamy colored cabinets. Out of the photos you show, I think the narrow brick patterned bs works best with your bianco.

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I love the pewter accent tile...I'm worried that the sample board it's shown in now is too busy for your BA. But then you're talking to a woman who will likely succumb to cream subway tile because I'm afraid of too much contrast....

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Wait until the BA is in. Trust me. It is pretty busy and it's not just about matching color. The pattern is important. Too small and it might read too busy.

Your kitchen is looking great. That hood is gorgeous!

Can you ask your fabricator about possibly doing a full height BA slab behind the range up the hood? I think that would look outstanding.

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Listen to Bee. She has been down this road:)

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Thanks all. and i love the hood too! It's our prized element of the kitchen.

Granite guy keeps asking about backsplash, but he's talking about a 4-6" backsplash. I never thought of using it all the way up the wall! There is definitely enough of the slab to go below and above the hood.
If I considered that, since the rangetop is 36", the hood is 42", would you do a 36 or 42" wide area? We were planning on tiling the area all the way up to the ceiling, around the hood as well. Also, since the granite is 1-1/4" - do they thin it to put it on a wall?

thanks again!

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I just went and looked at your other thread with more of a straight on shot of the hood, cabinets, etc. (the lights look very nice, btw)

I would not do the granite above the hood.

I think since your cabinets almost touch (if they aren't touching) the hood, I would do the granite to the edge of the hood.

If your setup was like mine, where the cabinets are about 10-12" from the hood, then I would say I'd like it 36" wide. But, really with BA...you just can't get too much of it!

Do you have the material or funds to do the whole wall?

If so, you should decide before your slabs are cut. I think they take the 18" bs part first (at the top if looking at the slab horizontallay), then the next 24/25" section for counter; then bs, then counter. This way the pattern can run from the counter up the wall.

Do a google image search of "granite backsplash", and look on houzz.

It will give you some ideas.

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Wow, I really love your modernaire hood. Do you remember what model number it is?

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Bee - thanks. Oy, it sounds so complicated to do the BA. I'm leaning against. I have no idea of the thickness (granite guy says can't go less than 1-1/4" thick. Not sure how it would apply to wall - perhaps plywood? adding to thickness?

My head's about to explode.

Really, it is. I'm a beyotch on wheels. Been up since 4am worrying. About the same everyday - I need sleep.

PS15 is the model I think. I can look it up if you need. Thanks rikerk - I love it too. Dusting it off was sooooo much fun!

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Your kitchen is really lovely. It is very difficult to choose BS, especially w/o all the elements in place. BS takes up LARGE expanse & you are attempting to "see" that expanse from relatively small samples & a tiny (relatively speaking) piece of the BA. BS has relative permanency, unlike paint that can be easily changed...

there are really infinite possibilities w/BS - like an artists blank canvas. Have you perused Houzz? Finished BS link?
Do you have a firm idea of what you want? some people prefer a "quiet" backsplash that blends in nicely, others want a statement backsplash - bold & contrasty I prefer simple quieter type. I prefer not to have the backsplash cause the eye to stop & focus there when there are so many other elements of interest.

I would suggest considering perusing sites, and listing like/dislike - to help you get an idea of what you want your final product to look like. Do you want something different over the range?

Once you have narrowed that down - post some more information on what you would like your final product to look like using as much description as you can - "subtle, bold, contrast, quiet, blending in with..." Say what you DON'T like as well - "too big, too little, cold " ect And if you come across any new samples post more pics as well You should find lot's of good help & ideas as well.

I find it difficult to respond to posts with generic type requests because I will tend to infuse my opinion and tastes more then what the poster may like...

I personally don't like counter material as backsplash, I don't like little tiles on BS, I don't like a lot of contrast - You get the idea - But that is MY personal taste

Looking forward to some more pics & descriptions

Good luck

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jejvtr - yes I LOVE houzz. has been much help to me over the past year or so of planning and researching.

Of course, every kitchen is different - my white cabs with dark island is found fairly often, but then you throw in the layout, hood and lights, and it becomes a unique situation.

I plan to wait til the end of the week when the granite goes in, and then see which of these seems to work.

We do want a quieter look, fairly subtle but we love the 4x4 pewter tile as an accent, and we love the 4x10 for the field tile. stacked would be too contemp for me I think, so I like the running bond pattern.

I'm just not sure how to use the 4x4 pewter tile (and there are not that many available, as they are discontinued). on an angle (then they won't fit size wise with the 4x10s). straight, but in what pattern?

I also like the matching riveted pencil strip, perhaps to frame out a panel over the cooktop. I would consider in the framed area the smaller brick mosaic in the same stone as the 4x10 field tile.

Oh and another question - if I do some framed something or other over the cooker, do I do a smaller version at the other end, over the sink?

Thanks again.

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I looked at your link and I think you have reached your limit of clowns in the room--the hood, the lights, the ornate glass cabs, the corbels, the Wolf cooktop, the windows. The "understated" boat is getting ready to leave the pier!

Do you garden? In gardens, the eye needs a place to rest, so you incorporate foliage in with the flowers. Your "garden" is bursting with gorgeous flowers. Resist the urge to add more. The larger subway tiles will be a great finishing touch.

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Good idea to wait..

Have you consent your pulls/knobs? Just a thought on the pewter tile, if you do use it consider a similar finish for the pulls/ knobs

Some jewelry for your cabs / drawers

Here is a link that might be useful: Carpe diem

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Yes, knobs and pulls will be brushed nickel (pulls) and brushed nickel/pewter combo finish (knobs).

I hope I can get these installed before the granite goes in so I can see everything but the backsplash.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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