Ballpark figure for this tile?

drewemOctober 11, 2012

Does anyone know a rough estimate of how much Sonoma Tilemakers Puka~Silk 1x4 brick Vihara tile costs?

What about Artistic Tile Chrysanthemum Calacatta Gold With Mother of Pearl?


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I will take a stab at the 2nd...probably at least $119 sq foot. It's water jet cut, right? Those are the pricey babies.

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Yes I think it is water jet. That is one idea I have (of many...) It would be a feature behind the range (so not that much sq ft), with a marble subway for the rest.... but I have so many ideas right now, and no space to see it all together yet! House goes to framing next week.

I do keep coming back to the Vihara, so that may be a sign. Don't know if it works with the Arabescato White Quartzite yet though.

Or there is an awesome arched herringbone (sonoma tile makers) in a 1x2 that would make a great feature, with something else...

Or that really pretty Artistic tile that was on one of your threads, bee, (the wavy one) as a feature.


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I just saw that Madeline616 has that arched herringbone! Maybe she can chime in on pricing for that one?

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Can'thelp with those, but I can tell you that this beauty from Ann Sacks

only costs $528.93-$666.45/sq.ft, if you were considering I WAS...but no longer am...haha!

I know another I enquired about, the BeauMonde Grace pattern is also water-jet cut (the artiste above is "hand-cut" which must require VERY strong hands, huh? :) and the Grace runs $111.14-$151.55/sq.ft depending on stones used....

I've just been emailing with someone from the Ann Sacks showroom I went to, and she's been very happy to provide prices via email. You might want to try that....

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Ohh that is very pretty Home, and I was liking it for a feature, that is, until I saw that price!

There is one Ann Sacks I like, the poppies, but don't think I can pull that one off. Thanks for the suggestion about e-mailing the sales staff. I have plenty of time, just trying to narrow down designs, and price is a great way to do that! I can see spending some more money on a feature, and then doing something more simple and cost effective on the rest of the splash.

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I used Artistic Tile's Granada Smoke waterjet behind our range. $102 plus $25 to ship, minus %20 "contractor rate." I'm not a contractor; I just asked the local store for that rate :-) The rest of the backsplash was an undulated creamy white field tile, brick-laid. Looked like the more expensive stuff to my eye, but it was just $3.50/square foot (again, the "contractor rate"). Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Granada Smoke

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Thank you Dusty! I am going to do a search and see if I can find your backsplash. It sounds like what I want to do, when the perfect tile is found. I like the idea of the contractor rate! My luck, the store will ask for verification...hahah. oh well.

That's very pretty Artistic tile by the way.

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I don't know about the Sonoma 1x4's, but the list price of the 1/2 x 1-1/4's is $30/sheet, which is just over 1 sq ft. I would think that the bigger tiles would be less expensive.

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Thank you cat! That doesn't seem too bad...a lot better than Home's $528 a sq ft tile!

I really do like Sonoma's tile. There was a beautiful metal insert, but cannot find it.

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I used the Sonoma Vihara 1/2 x 1 1/4's in Minka in my guest bathroom remodel and I think it was around $28 per sheet (a little under 1 sq ft). It's really beautiful installed.

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Oohhhh thank you Austin! I am glad that some one actually has this line installed! I also like the Minka color very much. Did you get it in Silk or Iridescent? Can you post a picture? Thank you again.

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DrewEm, sorry I just saw your questions. I used the iridescent. It was difficult to choose - I loved all of the colors.

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Trying another picture...

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