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kkokOctober 5, 2013

My wife and I are building a new home and I would like to get your take on the current kitchen layout done by the architect. Particularly, how is the flow and functionality of this kitchen?

I don't think it meets the traditional kitchen triangle standards but I am starting to read about this functional proximity concept. How would you improve on the current layout to maximize efficiency and flow?

We typically only have one of us in the kitchen to prepare the meals. Though often I am putting away the dishes or getting clean dishes out of the dishwasher when she is close to done with the cooking, but looking for clean plates.

Thank you for your insights.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Looks pretty functional-- prep zone on island is close to the fridge and cooktop. Clean up zone well separated from the cooking zone.

Hard to tell where trash goes but you may want one on island and one next to clean up sink.

Only criticism I can think of is the island seating looks a bit limited if you intend to have seating there.

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Since you'll be working between the stove and refrigerator, I'd move the prep sink to the other end of the island. That your cleanup sink is at that end of the kitchen is irrelevant. They serve different functions. Presuming your oven is below counter, this gives the cook and any helpers lots of nicely efficient room at the lower end for cooking projects of different sizes, plus another great area between stove and cleanup sink of course.

To clarify decisionmaking and examine all options, you might customize room/area labels to the uses you expect them to serve. The usual labels are typically pretty archaic and inaccurate.

For instance, for most families the "breakfast" area would actually be the main dining area, with both most family dining and entertainment taking place there. If that's the case for you, best it be considered just that for design purposes. The typical "dining room" is usually a higher-maintenance room designed to look good all the time but reserved for special occasions. If that were the case, it might open up additional possibilities to call it something else.

Similarly, your family room sure looks like it's going to be the living room, so what's that nice front room with doors to the porch actually going to be? A morning room? Her sitting room? Music room? Library? Formal entertainment in conjunction with the room across the hall? Christmas tree room?

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One thing jumps out...I'd flip the DW to the other side of the sink so it won't be between it and the range.

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For me Fridge is far from sink and main prep area..not really enough prep space next to fridge as in you want to make a sandwich and have to drag mayo, turkey, cheese etc either to other side of island or down by sink. I would flip flop fridge and cooktop and shift cabinetry a little so layout makes more sense.

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The refrigerator is too far away and around the island from the glasses (they'll be near the sink and dishwasher, right?) but instead of swapping with the cooktop, I'd swap with the oven. Puts it closer to the cooktop when you're adding a dash of mustard to the sauce.

I like the dw where it is, so dishes from the table get scraped or liquid dumped into the sink, then into the dishwasher. And it's closer from DW to the right-hand cabinet, than from a right-hand DW to the cabinets on the left.

Leave room in the pantry for a serving cart, or add one under the island, to serve the dining room. It's a little far away.

How are you planning to use the living room?

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The refrigerator is a little close to the island. There will be well under 30" to the door handles depending on the actual size of the refrigerator chosen. And you'd definitely want to stay away from a single door ref because you wouldn't be able to open it.

Because it's just a chase behind it, I'd recess a full size ref into a piece of that space.

The drawing is just because I like to push people a little to think about their space. It's not meant as a finished plan.

You have a big room. I'd be thinking about a larger cooktop and more refrigeration. Maybe more windows and to be able to look out the windows, but still face the breakfast area. The ovens could go on either end of the cooktop run.

Changing the orientation yields a larger island with more usable prep space.

A lot of people go back and forth about where to place the refrigerator - primarily for cooking or primarily for quick access to drinks and snacks. I'm firmly in the cooking camp. In your case, in would be easy to do either - adding ref drawers for either drinks access for the table or direct ref access from the cooking area.

You could also steal back some of what I've labeled storage and make an entire bar. I would usually feel guilty about stealing back a closet from the bedroom into the kitchen, BUT in this case, I feel that closet will just be in the way of furniture arrangements.

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