So I think I accidentally found "my slab" today!

williamsemOctober 13, 2012

I decided to take a break from layout to let things percolate in the background. So I went to check out another local granite yard after seeing some nice stones on their website, just to investigate a bit. The one I went specifically to see was absolutely gorgeous, and I think it's the one!

From their website

My pics from the trip today

So if we end up going with maple, it would be between these two colors and these two cork colors. After the kind photoshop pic from Oldbat2be DH saw what I meant about dark with dark with dark.

The granite is called Earth Glitter. If anyone knows anything about it in terms of problems to be aware of, I'm all ears!

We will have to take some door samples from the showroom back up in a week or two, after I get some more info from the cabinet guy and GC. Then finalizing layout! I might actually make my deadline of ordering everything before the end of the year!

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It's a cool stone, but if I'm being honest it doesn't seem to go with any of the brown shades you've chosen for your floor or cabinets. Maybe it's just the pictures or my monitor, but they all seem to have much warmer undertones than the stone which looks more black to gray to me.

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It dosn't photograph well, the one at the top is the best, probably because they used a real camera to post on their webpage. There are actually a few shades of brown swirled in, and a lot of the medium grey is a greyish mossy green color, plus small patches of gold, sparkly flecks that will echo the SS, white, and of course black and grey.

When we go back I will bring the sample doors from the showroom. I had my cork samples with me and of the 8 I have these two worked really well. I hope when I can see them all together and gets pics in the same light it all looks good. Otherwise I have another day at the showroom ahead of me!

Thanks for being honest, if I get there and they don't look quite right I will know to listen to that instinct. Color is not my string point!

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OK so I'm looking at the pictures with my jaw on the floor and the only word that comes to mind (for some reason) is "Hollywood! (gotta say it with an accent)" Fabulous, what fun, oh yes!

Can you please talk through the image you posted below the stone? Is the plank wood in the background the general color of the countertop, while the left and right are the cabinets and the center up and down, potential colors for floor?

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I know! I say that every time I see the pics!

So I went just to poke around a bit, I hadn't really started a full on search. But I was so taken with the pic online I had to go this weekend to look. The only samples I have of anything are the cork' so they came with me.

The last pic is the two cork colors that worked well with the stone when I was there. The two wood pieces on the side are the two maple stains I'm considering. The background is just the steps at the cabinet showroom. I stopped there on the way home and spent some time with their samples. The lady working today must have thought I was crazy, flipping through all the samples, holding up all sorts of chips in the light, carting them outside for better lighting, removing the sample doors for better color samples in the know how it goes :-).

The left piece of maple is praline, the right piece of wood is espresso, the top piece of cork is whitewashed, the bottom piece is bleached.

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It looks like agate.
I'd love to see it in person, because on my monitor it also resolves as black, gray, and in between.

I'd LOVe to see the brown and green in it.

I can see why you might be soul mates.

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It's beautiful stone! I saw something similar when I was looking, but I know it wasn't called the name yours is.

It could be the iPad monitor, but I also don't see the samples you have working with the colors of the rock. The undertones don't seem right. Plus, it's very dark with very dark. Is that the look you wanted? I can't remember.

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When we go back we will take the good camera, hopefully it can capture more of the colors than the iPad. With the light hitting the stone it really did a number on the colors captured. You can see some of the browns in the top picture from their website if you look near the white spots. Some of the medium grey is that mossy sage green color.

I know the granite guy had said a natural cherry or just about any brown would look lovely (I had already told him we aren't doing painted cabs). I admit I wasn't prepared for finding a stone, I may well have just been carried away and not noticed enough detail in the coloring. It really was spectacular in person!

I am very much looking forward to taking some doors back up there, hopefully next week. I appreciate the feedback, I will go with an open mind.

I didn't have much of a color scheme in mind, other than I wanted medium to dark cabinets. DH wanted dark floors, dark cabinets, dark granite. I was not a fan of the really dark granites he wanted, but this one is dark enough for him, not predominately brown (he does not like brown), and I really love all the colors. So we will work backwards from there!

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Everything always looks different IRL. I have three computer monitors and the same photo will look different on each. If it looked good IRL than no worries.

Another note, is try to see the slab flat. Have them turn the slab so you see it as if it were on the counter. Our new granite looks much different than when I saw the slab upright. Happily I love it even more but it does look different.

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I do see the green brown especially lower right top photo. It's pretty! If you do feel it may be a bit too dark look at sucuri brown. From your photo I think it is similar but a little warmer. I love the white splashed throughout your slab. Beautiful.

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Pretty slab! Make sure to post a pic of the cab colors with the slab so we can all see them together. I, too didn't get a feel for the cab colors with the stone, but yes monitors don't always do justice to real life.

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Will stone yards typically lay the slab flat if asked? Sounds like a lot of work for them, but I really have no idea.

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They have to lay it flat to cut it so it can't be that hard. I've heard GWers here say that they had there slabs turned. I didn't but "sorry to repeat" my granite does look different flat. The cinnamon color that I really didn't notice before really pops out now. So maybe the colors that you are seeing will pop out more if its flat.

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beautiful stone, very dramatic...

from your choices so far, i like cab on the left and floor on bottom..

its going to look fab!!!

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