Fairy tale style...in the kitchen?

lavender_lassOctober 17, 2012

Just wanted to say 'hi' and that my husband is finally doing better (or at least this last week) so I'm cautiously optimistic. He's being transferred to a rehab center, to get his muscles back in shape (after being in bed for more than two months) and hopefully will be home before the holidays :)

However, being home alone (and getting almost too cold outside, to garden) has got me thinking about decorating. I've already decided to redo the master bedroom in my version of 'fairy tale' style. (I've been watching the new season of 'Once Upon A Time' and it's definitely influencing my design style.)

It's not quite done, but if it turns out as well as I hope...it may start spreading into other rooms. I have my eye on the kitchen. I could definitely add a few rabbits and some other accents...just to try them out now, before the remodel (LOL)

To be fair, our current house has a lot of wood and I've kind of gone with a bit of a lodge/cabin look (not too overdone) but it's getting kind of boring...and I'm having so much fun trying something different. Leaves, vines and a bit of damask print...not to mention some bolder colors...and I'm really enjoying trying something a bit unexpected. And purple seems to be showing up more often, too.

So, does anyone else feel like changing their style? Maybe adding a bit of a twist to what they already have or trying something completely different? Share if you like...and I'll post pictures, when I'm done with the bedroom. And, I might just check on some paint samples for the kitchen, too.

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I am so glad to hear he is doing better. Rehab will be a big step for him, and I hope he is their poster child for improvement.

I haven't been thinking of changing my style as much as streamlining it, especially in the bedroom. I still like the same colors, but have gotten tired of so much carving and raised panels. But since dh gets 40% of the vote (lol), I will probably never be able to make the changes I want.

If you want story book, go for it, or work it into the stuff you already have and love.

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You know, fairy tale sounds fun. Houses can be so boring. I'd love to see what you're doing. We had a daughter's room with 8' sliding closet doors with a huge rainbow and a unicorn. My sister painted it for our daughter when she was about 9. We painted the room pink and purple and only recently got the last of the pink glow off those walls, said daughter now being 37. More rooms need to be like that.

Which Once Upon a Time style did you have in mind? Not Mary Margaret's place - that was pretty much wood slat, drafty, and unappealing. Not Regina's house - it had all the appeal of a mausoleum. How about the nursery she made for the baby back in wherever she came from?

Have you totally exhausted the hope of getting those bunnies you liked for the backsplash? I have to say they were my favorite and I'd use them in a heartbeat. You could absolutely do a kitchen with a bit of whimsy, with a bit of Enchanted Forest. It would be refreshing and comfortable all at the same time.

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I am so glad to hear DH is doing better - I have been so busy, so hard to communicate.

I think you need a Fairy door for your Fairy Story - it is an A2 tradition and the town has Fairy doors and a Fairy park downtown. I was thinking of adding the Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor poster to my collection of doors and windows.

I always enjoy watching your creativity - I am too boring - wish I had some of your talents!

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That's such good news about your husband, Lavender. A young guy like that will really be plugging at that PT.

I think my fairy tale room...maybe periwinkle blue. I don't know what else, but there'd have to be some silvery gray.

I've been wanting to use some of those plaster (or poly) decorative moldings on my walls and/or ceiling, but for a fairy tale they'd be be viney or delicate branches and leaves (nothing heavy). Probably have to make them myself, which--hm!--probably wouldn't be that hard. If I had vertical board paneling, I might formalize them by letting them hang evenly down the centers of the boards or some such thing.

And in spite of the dainty foliage touches, since I've never fantasized about sleeping on a bed of damp moss, it'd have to include the most luxurious bedding I could come up with. Maybe rugs on top of luxurious wall-to-wall on the floor for a springy mossy feel down there.

Nice old china plates with animals on them and/or some nicely framed pen-and-ink prints on the walls. More of a Princess and the Pea version. My husband, knowing me, would be okay as long as he still got to be the King, and I imagine yours too. :)

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Hi lavender_lass, how nice that would be to have him home for the holidays, very glad to hear that he's doing better.

I saw the wallpaper you posted on mamadadapaige's thread and haven't stopped thinking about it since. Was even thinking about using in my kitchen sink area (need to photoshop that one!).

Hmmm. Maybe I will go photoshop it.

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Hmmm. I googled the wallpaper and this appeared to be the closest, from Anthropologie.

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I've been looking forward to news, and I'm glad it's good! Also glad you're ready for some decorating - I always find it to be very good therapy.

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LL - I have only been on GW peridodically and didn't know your husband hasn't been well. I am so sorry to hear. I hope you are hanging in there.

I was prompted by your "fairy tale" post to check in here because I went on a local kitchen tour this weekend and there was an over the top / bunny oriented kitchen on the tour. You'd have to see it to believe it. Oldbat2be and her DH were on the tour too - not sure if she went to the bunny cottage, but if so she could comment as well.

Okay, so they actually have "house bunnies" - that's what they're called. They hop around and have access to the house. AFter the renovation, they now have little bunny pens built into a window seat. The fabric on the curtains is bunny fabric - all the dishes, bowls and decorative items were bunny. The kitchen floor was kelly green and sunshine yellow marmoleum diamond pattern. There was a choo choo train on a track going around a small soffit at the ceiling and on and on and on. Literally you'd have to see it to believe it. Lemon yellow enamaled stove and fridge.

Well, thinking of you and hoping your DH is okay.

old bat, I think that Anthrophologie wallpaper is by Cole and Sons out of the UK.

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Lavender, So glad to hear your husband is better. All my best wishes for his continued return to full health.

Not much to add to the design discussion, except that I think you should follow your heart. If your version of fairy tale style feeds your soul, go for it! Nothing better than a room that makes you smile very time you walk in.

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Thanks mamadadapaige, I think that is the same (and less expensive than anthropologie) but still not the same as the wallpaper from the show. No, we didn't get to the bunny house, it sounds great and absolutely dreadful (hop hop poop). Bad enough when the kids used to bring their chickens inside. Love the idea of a fairy tale bedroom and am looking forward to more details.

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My DH used to have house bunnies before we were married. They ate his wallpaper. Chewed the bottom and then RIP, tore the piece off straight up the wall. So, it'd be: hop, hop, poop, RIP.

Glad your DH is feeling better, Lav.

That paper is 'Woods' by Cole and Son. I'm staring at 2 rolls of it waiting to find someone that can hang it for me.

If you have a fairytale kitchen, can there be a troll or gnome or magical frog that keeps it clean?

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lavander, so sorry to hear of your dh's illness, we've had health issues here too. i think being the caretaker is sometimes as hard as being the patient, so make sure to take care of yourself too.
however, fairy tale style is near and dear to my heart, and this past summer i think i got a great start in the master bdrm.
i added ceiling beams, a chandelier and the corner fireplace, a cheap rug and fab desk and nice secretary.
the walls are rosemary sprig green, very restful. mostly there are windows, and i'm up in the treetops.
i love my room now, and spend as much time in here as i can. it's definatly my hideout.
meanwhile i'm on the lookout for some girly/fairy tale valances to use over the white billowy sheers and a new duvet or comforter to go with those.
next two big projects are the wardrobe wall and a new bed made of grape vines by summer 2013.
that's a big project, i have to select, cut and shape the big thick and smaller tendril-y vines and then let all the buggies leave before i find a way to hoist it up and through the sliding doors to the balcony.
oughta be fun!

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here's a place which speaks fairytale to me. wish it were a part of vt i want to live in, cause i'd snap it up in that case

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Thanks for all the responses...and encouragement and well wishes :)

I didn't do any redecorating yesterday, but I did plant the front garden. It's supposed to drop down to a high of 45-50 after today...with lots of rain, so I got everything planted yesterday. I'm sore, but very happy with the results. When it quits raining, I'll take some pictures of that, too. And, now that I'm redoing the bedroom, I'm thinking of moving our arbor to that side of the house...and making a little romantic/fragrant garden, with a few fairy tale accents, I'm sure!

Here's the arbor...and if I move it, it will be more protected from the deer...and maybe I can plant some climbing roses with the clematis :) From Lavender's Garden

Marti- If your DH has 40% of the vote...how can he have much say in any of the decorating decisions? Doesn't that leave you with 60%? Time for some streamlining (LOL)

Suzanne- I love the nursery! From Snow White album

So far, some of the castle spaces are my favorite...but the wallpaper in Regina's office kind of inspired my curtains. They're a leaf print, but in greens, not black and white...but I probably wouldn't have 'gone for it' without seeing how great the wallpaper looks.

Do you have any pictures of your daughter's room, before you repainted? My niece would love something like that!

Oh, and I'm back to bunnies for the backsplash, for the farmhouse remodel. For now, maybe some bunny plates in our current kitchen.

A2Gemini- Fairy doors...that's an interesting idea. I don't have a fairy door, but I do have a fairy garden. Acutally, it's a cottage garden with lots of roses...and little fairy accents, like a castle. And, I planted some alpine strawberries, which the nieces love! From Lavender's Garden

Rosie- Your idea of a fairy style bedroom sounds lovely. Especially the vines...but I agree, no bed of damp moss (LOL)

Oldbat- I think that wallpaper looks great in your kitchen! You should go for it :)

Mpagmom- Thanks, I think you're right. Decorating is good therapy.

Mamapaige- LOL! That would be too many bunnies! Even for me.

Ginny- Thanks :)

Deedles- More bunnies! LOL So, you have that wallpaper? Where are you going to use it? No magical frogs, but I keep hoping the deer will come in to help me clean...or maybe a few birds. It seems to work in the fairy tales!

Fallingwaters- Wow! Do you have any pictures? I think I saw some progress pics on the Home Decorating forum, but I don't remember the green walls. The grape vine bed sounds like a wonderful project!

Oh, and thanks for the link. Very cute house :)

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Here is another link to check out - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairy_Doors_of_Ann_Arbor,_MI
It doesn't show the fairy garden - have fun and can't wait to see your posts along the way.

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A2gemini- Those are cute! I had no idea Ann Arbor liked fairies, so much :)

And...I just saw the cover of Entertainment Weekly. From Snow White album

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Lavender, I'm sorry to hear about your DH's illness, but very happy to know that he is doing better. I love the ideas for your fairy tale garden. Make sure you include a beautiful gazing ball--those have always seemed magical to me. Looking forward to pics of the bedroom, too.

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I just found this picture online, it reminds me of a fairy tale cottage... Love the floor too!

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MamaGoose- A gazing ball is a wonderful idea :)

Lara- That's is definitely fairy tale cottage...especially the floor!

My brother is coming over today to help me move some lighting. I've decided to put my small green and brass chandelier into the bedroom. It doesn't really work in the space it's in now...so I'm hoping it will look good over the bed. So excited to see how it all looks, when I'm done! LOL

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Healing thoughts your way Lavendar Lass. And by the way, anyone with 'Lass' as a moniker should have a fairytale kitchen!

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I'm glad your husband is doing better. Fingers crossed he gets home ASAP!

I love the leaded glass windows in the nursery picture above. And Lara's picture really says fairy tale to me, too. Adding fabric touches would be easiest, I'm sure--chair back pillows and cushions, window treatments, rugs, etc. I love your style, so I know you'll have something wonderful when you're done!

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Glad to get some news through this thread ; what an ordeal this has been, I do hope the rehab goes well !!

I recognize your love of whimsy, it's very you and it's sweet.

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3sons- Thank you and that's a very sweet thing to say :)

Mafs- I think you're right about the fabrics. They add color and texture...and with winter around the corner, some plushy fabrics sound cozy and comfortable.

Mitch- Thanks, you all have been so nice and I really appreciate all the kind words and well wishes!

I think this might be where I got the idea of purple and burgandy, with the leaf/tree print fabrics mixed in. Either it's going to be wonderful...or fall flat. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, for the first. From Snow White album

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LL, that is probably part of it!! And you can't be a fairy tale princess unless you are royalty!

Glad to hear DH is making progress!!


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Nancy- So true (LOL)

My brother got the chandelier up yesterday (we had to get a few extra parts) and it looks wonderful, in the space!

And...my husband is moving to a physical therapy rehab place today! Half the distance for me to drive and it's a huge step towards getting back home. We seem to finally be making real progress, so still crossing my fingers that all goes well and he's home for the holidays :)

My brother is coming back, later this week, to help me move the furniture...so I promise to post pictures when it's all done!

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After visiting my husband at the new rehab place, I decided to stop by Shopko to look for a chair. There's not going to be enough space for a regular upholstered chair, so I needed something a bit smaller, for the corner of the bedroom. It was kind of a long shot, since I didn't want to spend much...but I thought, it's close, why not stop?

So, I walk into the furniture area and there's a clearance chair, in mossy green. It looked too yellow to go with the leaf print curtains I have, but then I remembered...I bought them at Shopko! So, I go back to the curtain area...and they're all sold out. But, there is a sample hanging up in the display area.

Very carefully, I took the display fabrics off the rod, got to my leaf print...and took off, back to furniture. And it matched! (LOL) Much rejoicing...and back to very carefully put the display back together, again.

So, now I have a new chair (for $89) and a cozy place to read, in the bedroom :)

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Just a quick update. My husband is doing very well in rehab! He may not be home for Thanksgiving, but I have my fingers crossed he'll be home for Christmas :)

Meanwhile, the decorating continues. Did I say this all started to make it easier for him to come home (possibly with a walker, at least initially) and move around in the house? I changed our master bedroom (which had been his office/man cave area) back into the master bedroom. It looks wonderful! But, I'm not taking pictures until I touch up the wall paint. He had some great posters in there, but they peeled the paint right off.

I've turned our 'dining area' into his office and moved his 'man cave' into one of the smaller bedrooms. The dining room table is now in the living room, with my office. Sounds strange, but seems to be working really well.

So, finally I'm back to the kitchen, where I started all this. I really like the green, purple and cranberry red together, with a bit of gold. It looks so good in the bedroom, I'm thinking of trying it, in the kitchen. We have wood cabinets...but with new paint and a different floor tile...it might look very nice. And, I still think I can work in some bunnies! Maybe not the backsplash tile, but I do think a few decorative plates might look right at home :)

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Yeah! Very glad to hear this fairy tale is going better. I am looking forward to seeing the bedroom reveal, the colors sound fabulous and rich, perfect for this time of year. (But will you feel the same in the Spring....?). Best. Oldbat2be

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Hi Lav! Glad to hear your DH is moving in the right direction. Can't wait to see some pics and your yard looks so beautiful!

I'm a bit reluctant to say where the Woods paper is going, but ok... in our toilet alcove in the MB, lol. The 'throne' room, if you will. I'm hanging an antique chandelier over the 'throne' for good measure, too. Why not! Might as well have a little fun, right?

Did you ever read the book about the elves and the shoemaker? Where they slide into his shop on a moonbeam and finish all the work on his shoes and he pays them back by sewing new little clothes for them? Love that fairytale. I'd welcome little elves sliding in here for some vacuuming and dusting and organizing!

You hang in there, girl. I've done the caretaking dance with both parents and my FIL, so I know it can be a drain but also, I think helping people that need help has to be one of the main reasons we are all here. To look out for each other. God bless you both!

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Deedles, please post pictures, it sounds great!

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OB2B: I'll definitely post pics when we get the dang stuff done! Do you want a pic of the King on his Throne? ...no, probably not, lol. (*ack-visual* sorry).

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Bat- I think the colors will work year round, because it's definitely an evening room. Although there is a nice view out the windows...or will be, when I finish the garden on that side of the house :)

Deedles- I love your ideas for the Master Bath! That's a great fairy tale and I've been having a fun time looking for lesser known ones, to share with the nieces and nephews.

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Deedles, I was going to express my avid interest in a picture of the Woods paper in use but (for once) exercised restraint :)

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Here's a picture of my little reading area, in the bedroom. I'll take more pictures, after I paint the walls :) From Home pictures

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I've only been on the forum sporadically, and am sorry to read of your husband's illness but so glad to hear he is doing well in rehab and will be home soon. I was so fond of your bunny tile mural and can't wait to see what you come up with for a fairy tale kitchen.

In a fairy tale bedroom, I would have to have a bed like one of these:

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South- Wow! Those beds definitely make a statement. Very creative :)

Right now, I'm just looking for something to use as a headboard. I'd like to find something a bit unexpected, like a screen that's fabric or carved wood.

As for the kitchen, I'm kind of stuck until I find a new floor tile. The one I have now is too linear (a bit of a block look) and I want something a little softer. Once I find a floor, then the rest should fall into place.

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I love your reading area! What a beautiful chair.. velvet? And is that a Maxfield Parrish print on the wall?

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Deedles- Thanks! The chair is kind of a green twede, but feels soft...and the print is Albert Bierstadt. I have one that's very similar in the living room. His work is a great combination of rustic and romantic, IMHO. From Home pictures

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lavender- so glad DH is improving! Your re-decorating sounds fun and like it's coming along! I'm glad you haven't given up on having some bunnies : )

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Oh yes, I could just see the clouds in the first pic... very Parrish like--

That Bierstadt is beautiful, what a peaceful place! I really like your little sitting spot.

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Lavender, I'm so glad to hear DH has moved to PT rehab. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that he's home for Christmas.

It sounds like you're well on your way to having the house rearranged for his convenience and needs. Your reading corner is lovely--nothing I like better than to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. Continued best wishes to you, DH, and your family.

When you do your fairy tale kitchen, I definitely think you need to include a fairy door! Those are so cute!

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