Anyone out there have Caesarstone in 'Espresso'

remodel-mamaOctober 2, 2010

I am making a last minute change in my countertop color and think I want to go with Espresso. I would love to see pics of a kitchen with this countertop. It's so hard to get the idea of how it will look from a 4"x4" piece! Thanks!

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I want to see those pics, too. I've been leaning towards Raven, but now that I'm installing Travertine floors, perhaps, Espresso would look better...

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Sorry I don't have a pic, but I want to tell you I considered this color and saw it in person @ 2 places (in Los Angeles), Diamond Synder and a KD's show room, the KD told me it's a more tricky color--it tends to look "dusty" and you need to constantly clean it. Just my 2 cents. (my countertop ended up being organic white because my cabinets turn out to be a little dark/reddish).

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dar5: That's funny, because I had also chosen Raven... and just realized that it doesn't really go with the other elements of the kitchen: white/off-white cabinets, black (antiqued) island with walnut butcherblock on top... The Espresso works soooo much better. I am pretty sure we are going to go for it - so I might be able to post pictures in a couple of weeks.

thanks for the info turtlemeng - I am guessing that all draker Caesarstone are at risk for looking dusty. It would be great to hear from someone that has Espresso (or a darker Caesarstone) on this issue.

thanks everyone!

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I have Gedatsu (Silestone) which is a solid, dark chocolaty brown. It definitely needs to be dusted and wiped down often, I'm not gonna lie. It does get dusty and you can see every streak, food particle, etc. on it. But I don't mind! My kitchen is smallish and I enjoy caring for and maintaining my new counter top. I just really quickly give it a once over with a rag, no biggie!

Another thing worth mentioning, is when water splashes from the faucet onto the counter top you can really see the water drops... and then you have to wipe them away. I don't know if people have the same experience with light or light counter tops... maybe if you can't see the water as easily you don't feel as obligated to wipe it up.

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Hi remodel-mama...

Okay I'm not sure how else to do this but here's a link to a kitchen with espresso...


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Thanks everyone. This is all very helpful!

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I have CS in Ginger, a medium taupy tone; yes water drops really stand out,
my sink is in my island, right across from a wall of windows. We wanted the
slick look of CS and it is amazing. I wipe down all the time and it doesn't bother me, microfiber cloths are my best friend.

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HELP Need opinions with Caesarstone "espresso".
Considering caesarstone espresso for my new kitchen. I love the way it looks with my cabinets-- however I visited a store that has it as a countertop-- it looked stratched & "dusty". Does anyone have any experience with it??

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