Anyone regret 36 inch range decision?

phillyfeetOctober 4, 2013

I thought i wanted 36 AG range and smaller electric wall oven. I have used both gas and electric ranges in the past and i figured this set up would work well for me. Currently, I have 30 inch gas range (with an oven I hate!) and a small countertop toaster oven that i use frequently for making quick, small batches of muffins, heating up left over pizza and baking fish. My daughters are infants now, so i know the toaster oven will be too small real soon.
I was leaning towards the Wolf 36 AG range and a combi/steam. Now I am wondering if I should skip the range and do 36 inch rangetop (wolf or blue star), 30 inch wall oven and a combi steam oven. Wall oven brands to be determined.
Does anyone wish they had done the 36 inch rangetop with smaller oven instead of the 36 inch range or vice versa (has the rangetop setup and wishes they had the 36 inch range)?
I am posting this in the appliance forum too.

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I had a 30" Kenmore gas range and heavily used toaster oven.

Purchased previous generation 24" Gaggenau oven at sizeable discount.

Then purchased a floor model Gaggenau 24" steam oven with the idea of purchasing a Capital Culinarian or Bluestar Rangetop.

Found a lot of rust underneath steam oven and returned to store for refund.

Found a great deal on 36" Culinarian self-clean range and bought it.

I use the Gagg 95% of the time. Use Culinarian oven when I want to use the rotisserie, have a very large item, or simply when I need two ovens.

Gagg also has rotisserie but the Culinarian seems to work much better.

No regrets. Prefer the look of the range anchoring the kitchen too.

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No regrets here! I've had my 36" Bluestar range with griddle for about 7 months now. It replaced our 27 year old Thermador 36" gas cooktop with grill/griddle, and a 27" wall oven micro/convection warming drawer combo also Thermador. While the old appliances were still working fine, it was just time for a change. The range fits our small kitchen and house style better I think, and I absolutely love cooking on it! I also gained some much needed, and useful storage where the oven was in the way of three deep drawers. Yes, the oven does take a little longer to heat up than the old wall oven, but I usually just turn it on while prepping something to go in it, so it really is a non issue for me. I do wish the BS broiler was bigger though, 7-1/2"x10-1/2" in a 20"x30" oven is kind of silly...

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Thanks so much for the responses. I really like the look of the range, too. I was starting to think it was because that's just what i am used to....

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I like having a 36" range--Wolf, AG. I do wish the depth allowed for 1/2 sheet pans turned longways on the racks (then I could fit two of them side-by-side, which is kind of the point of having a wider oven cavity). I do like the added width though.

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congrats on babies & upcoming kitchen reno - 2 of the best things in life :)

We renovated our kitchen 7yrs ago - I thought I wanted a 36" cook top and separate wall ovens - because our space is limited and that layout would have caused both loosing counter space and extra costs on the custom cabinetry to build in wall ovens we decided on 36" AG Viking - after much research, negative reviews and visit direct to distributor - We are still going strong, are so pleased with our choices
Keep all of your options open, and understand with design there will always be a give and take

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