Cold water only in prep sink?

powermuffinOctober 30, 2013

Does anyone have a faucet that only provides cold water to their prep sink? My husband ordered a faucet that isn't made for both hot and cold water. He didn't realize that this was even an option.

We are going to keep it for now, and if it becomes an issue, we will change it out. I am just curious if anyone chose one like this on purpose.

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Fori is not pleased

I think I'd want hot water there for cleaning. Are you at least plumbing it for hot in case you change it out later?

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Most of my use would be cold water because most of my use is for prepping vegies. I would need hot water though for washing my hands during prep and washing out the sink at the end of dinner.

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He ordered a bar faucet, not a prep faucet. It won't have enough flow rate or coverage for a prep sink. Plus, only cold? Not only no, but H-E-double hockeysticks NO!

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Well, I kinda sorta have the same thing. I have a regular faucet, but a cold water only tapmaster. We live in Florida, and our "cold" water is at least 72 degrees, even in winter. Of course I can easily use hot or warm water by using my faucet handle, and if I find myself doing so often I'll change the tapmaster. I'll know in a few months, fall is finally in the air here!

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Yes, we are plumbing for hot water too. If this faucet becomes an issues we will trade it out. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

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