Smell from new sink installation

reader77October 24, 2012

Has anyone else had a bad chemical odor coming from below the sink after a new sink was installed? It's not a sewer gas smell or a musty one - it's very choking.

Lowes says it will go away - but it's been 2 weeks this Fri.

I leave the doors open all the time - also used jars of room freshener. No success.

Very little info on Google - except it may be chemicals in the stainless steel sink noise pads.

Suggestions appreciated.

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Or it could be from the plumber's putty. That stuff smells pretty bad. Is there a beige "gunk" around the drain? If so, gently scrape the excess out so that you can't see it.

I cannot tolerate the smell of that stuff and every plumber I have ever used glops it everywhere around the strainer.

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It doesn't seem to be the putty. I think it's coming from the sound deadening pads on bottom of sink.

I'm going to Lowes tomorrow to get some action started. Phone calls were useless.

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