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sweet_tea_October 16, 2013

We will hopefully be ready to break ground on our new house in a couple of weeks. (I posted in the new house forum as well.) I am trying to figure out the kitchen and I'm not real sure I'm happy with it. We need a functional kitchen. We cook most every meal at home, rarely eat out. It will usually be a one cook, but needs to be able function as a two cook kitchen. I know it has limited space. Please offer any suggestions or insights you have. Also, I'm worried about the windows. There are no upper cabinets on the sink wall, the ceilings are 9ft. Are 3, 3-0 windows tall enough? I'm worried they'll look squatty. My husband thinks I'm just over analyzing everything. Please help! :) Thanks.

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kitchen in relation to rest of house & pantry.

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Is that the frig on the short leg on the left.? Can't really see it. What if you put the sink and DW on that short left leg. I'd then put in a prep sink on the right and move the frig to that end as well. Make sense?

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remodelfla- I'm not quite sure I'm following you. The first picture is a little larger and easier to see details. The one of the overall house is small and hard to read, I apologize for that. To clarify, as of now, I had the wall ovens and an appliance garage, (mixer and microwave) on the left wall leg by the peninsula bar, fridge and gas cooktop on front wall, sink on right wall, screen porch side. Thanks for your help.

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I like to see the double ovens and cooktop nearer each other...if you're using both at the same time it's easier to keep an eye on things instead of running back and forth. Is it possible to put the fridge at the end of the sink run near the dining room? If you intend to put glassware in the upper next to the cooktop, will you be able to stand there and unload the DW? How about an island instead of a peninsula...this would give you more wall space. As far as the windows...I think 12-18" of wall above would look good....they might look squatty with more wall a mockup with newspaper for the window and see how it looks.

And this has to do with lifestyle....I would not want my master BR next to the great person wants to turn in early or take a nap, while the other wants to watch TV....could be noisy. If you flip flop the MBR and MBath it will make for a quieter bedroom.

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Thanks Joaniepoanie, I have contemplated switching the ovens with the fridge several times. The reason I like the ovens by the bar is for baking, with the stand mixer right there and all the space to spread out dough, pans, bowls, ect. I had actually considered moving the fridge down by the dining, but can't remember now why I talked myself out of it. I am worried about the DW and unloading. I want it to function well, but I'm worried it's not going to.
I have only posted on here one other time and at that time I had an island, people suggested I might like a peninsula. :)
As far as the bedroom, we typically go to bed at he same time, but we do plan on insulation in the wall for sound. Thanks again for all the help and suggestions!!

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I think the plan you have looks just fine. If you're still thinking about other's one with an island. With all your pantry storage (wonderful) I don't know if you need more food storage, but I made the kitchen windows just a little smaller, to accommodate a bit more dish storage. Just an idea :)

From [Kitchen plans](
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Thanks Lavender Lass, I do like the openness of what you did. But I think if I were go to an island I have to leave some wall to support the second floor. I will have to check on that again. I didn't post the second floor plan in this forum, but it's in the building a house forum. Thanks for taking the time to offer your suggestions. If you see anything else with the kitchen or the rest of the house, please let me know. Thanks!!

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Joaniepoanie and LLass- now I remember why I decided not to move the fridge to the sink wall run closer to the dining. I was concerned that it would seem overbearing. I have no uppers on that wall just windows and I was worried that a bulky fridge would block the flow of the openness, if that makes sense.

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