Silestone's Lagoon white marble look alike - anyone use it?

blondelleOctober 12, 2012

Has anyone used Silestone's Lagoon for their counter? If so, I would love to see photos. It looks the most like white marble I've seen but I had a small sample. What's also great about it is that it's so lightly patterned you can use it with a carrara backsplash without it being too much and the background color of it is just about the same color as the marble. A lot more practical than marble on the counters.

Lagoon is such a stange name for it though as that color is associated with something blue green or green I would think.

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I did a search for it after posting and there were many here considering it. Did anyone wind up using it? Did you pair it with a carrara backsplash? Did you like the result?

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I used lagoon and I love how natural it looks. I am quite surprised at how few pics there are online. But I have no regrets and I am a carerra marble fan but knew I didn't want the maintenance. It just wasn't practical. And I looked at a lot of slabs in person including Torquay, and Lyra. But I think it looks better next to a backsplash that is not marble. That way it looks more like a real stone.

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flicker2--pictures? Pleeeeeaaase? : )

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I am getting Lagoon for my hall bathroom's ordered and done, so no turning back. I promise to post pictures as soon as it's installed...hopefully next thursday or Friday...early January at the latest.

It's paired with a furniture style, cherry, distressed vanity. Beadboard walls...

I can't wait until it's done...then on to the kitchen!

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I don't think it was Silestone, but the Caesarstone look-alike that I saw, but Christopher Peacock used it for his showroom in San Francisco, and it actually looks really really nice. I was surprised. I wonder if he was paid by them to install it? :) It certainly is a good marketing tool because while I was there, a few of the other people walking through the showroom remarked that they thought it looked really good for not being marble.

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This is a Silestone Lagoon vanity counter put in a small guest bathroom.

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A close up of the counter.

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Thank you for posting the photos. I was planning on using Silestone Lyra for an upcoming bathroom/laundry room remodel but now really like the look of Lagoon.

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