Juparana Persa Granite - Please help me choose one of two crackle

gardenwebnewbieOctober 31, 2012

Yup, it's me again. O_o

While I am still on for the Grazia Rixi in Creme, my mind continues to wander over to the Adex Hampton Crackle in Sand. It was the first tile that a designer presented to me months ago, however at the time my family wasn't on board with a ceramic vs. a natural stone so I dismissed it.

I have been able to see in person in my kitchen: Walker Zanger, Adex, AnchorBayTile, Sonoma, Daltile, Emser, Grazia, Jeffrey Court and Adex. The Adex and the Grazia are the tried and true front runners.

The pro's of the Adex is that it comes in both a bevel (which I like) as well as a smooth as well as has actual bullnose field tiles (is that the correct term?) vs. Grazia's separate 1/2 x 10" bullnose piece that would have to be used on the end of two runs as well as where the tile turns and covers the inside of my window frame. So essentially, there would be a need for a fair share of edge trims. Adex is also less expensive which would be a huge plus for us. The only con that I can see is whether the color is the right shade as it is a bit deeper in color than the Grazia.

I have recents pics from this week. Adex vs. Grazia in that order and then shown in several areas of my kitchen. I also have pictures of my granite in cutting board form propped up against in the same elevation as the backsplash tiles would be. I also have a picture of A2gemini's gorgeous kitchen which if you look closely you can see a sample of the trim piece I am referring to as well as a kitchen with the Adex in Sand.

Please, please give me your thoughts and suggestions as to which one might be the true winner for my hard to please granite.

Kitchen has been measured and I am waiting on the labor estimate! YAY!

Here are just a few pictures, many more at the link at the bottom. Adex is on the big sample board, Grazia tiles are the single ones or attached to the poster board.

ADEX and GRAZIA side by side:







Here is a link that might be useful: Juparana Persa granite paired with Adex Hampton and Grazia Rixi

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I believe we have the same granite! So I must say good choice! I prefer the adex.

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sonjad, it is a beautiful granite - but oh what a chameleon it is in my kitchen trying to match it with a ceramic crackle subway.

What type of backsplash did you pair yours with? I currently have a durango travertine with latent pinkish undertones that I didn't know about until it was already attached to the wall. Oops.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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From the photos, I like them both, but the Adex sand a bit more. I think a little darker shade than the crema goes with your granite better. The fact that the Adex is less expensive, has more size/shape options and has bullnose tiles are also pluses. Pluses for the Rixi crema - I prefer the smaller crackle pattern on the Rixi and in some photos on the web, the Adex sand looks a little too tan. In person, you can probably tell better if the sand color is right for your granite. It's a hard choice, but I think either would look good!

P.S. Have you seen these photos?

Here is a link that might be useful: Beveled Adex tile backsplash photos

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We actually just installed our granite and are about to install the tile. We went with Sunset Travertine by Speartek - 2x4 tiles. We were going to have an accent but decided to just stick with the travertine.

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Could you get a hold of a tile that is a bit warmer and more ivory?

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Juliet11- I agree about the online photos - have seen some of sample pictures of the Adex tile in sand that make it appear really dark. I think they are misleading as it's not much darker than the Grazia Rixi in real life. Just a tiny smidgen actually. I think it's also showing darker in the kitchen you linked. Gorgeous kitchen - love the bevel in the tile!

Sonjad - I would love to see pictures when it's finished!

Palimpsest - could you clarify a bit more? I have looked at many tiles that are lighter in color and a smidge more on the yellow spectrum - however when I bring them into my kitchen, whatever is affecting the current travertine and causing it to turn pink, is making the warmer, more yellow based (still in the off-white/cream/ivory spectrum) tile show green. It's so frustrating.

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I have the same problem trying to choose a backsplash with this granite (Jupa rana persa) We love it but it has been quite a challenge to finish this kitchen. I am currently looking at Rixi crema and Ashbury Chamomile. Still worried they are too bright (harsh... not warm enough) I am at my wits end with this. The granite went in August and I still cannot complete this project. Help

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HI Shirley! I got your email - it's been a hectic day so I am a bit slow on replies. lol

I completely understand - believe me, MANY tears have been shed on my part!

I have looked at over 30 different tiles in my actual kitchen. Some show too yellow, some show too beigy-pink, some are too bright, some are too dark.

I thought the Adex Hampton in Sand (above) was the perfect one. After a couple days of looking at it in different lighting, my kitchen told me differently. I keep returning back to the Grazia Rixi in Crema, however I really am hoping to find a line that has bullnose trim pieces vs. a liner. Currently I have the backsplash curving into my window and I am not sure how the liner trim will look if it's used in that way.

Have you looked at DalTile at all? They have a subway in a non-crackle that looks pretty good with my granite also. Lots of bullnose trim pieces too! It's called Daltile Rittenhouse Square in Almond K165. There are two almonds in this line, K135 (Home Depot carries it) and the K165. I went to a Daltile actual showroom where one of their designers helped me choose it. It's very close in color to the Grazia Rixi in Crema.

I am still waiting on my tile contractor to give me a set date on the demo...so until then my OCD keeps me actively browsing the internet to see if something miraculously shows up that tells me without a shadow of a doubt that it's "THE" one.

I suppose because I had such a traumatic experience dealing with the travertine that I have in there now that I am a bit gun shy. I have been assured that it will be fine - I just need to DO IT. LOL

I have an Ann Sacks showroom that isn't too terribly far from me. I plan on going there next week to look at their Davenport line which is a modest price line that they offer and what they recommend with my granite. I'll report back...

Here is the Grazia Rixi in Crema (square) vs. the Daltile Rittenhouse Square in Almond K165 (subway) vs. the Adex Hampton in Sand (little square)

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Your pictures are great! I cannot tell you how much your granite looks like mine. I showed my husband your photos and he asked if you went to the same granite yard, they are so similar. But we live in CT so I think not. I will try and post a photo of the tile I have home now. The Grazia Rixi Crema and the Ashbury Chamomile (which is also a crackle tile and comes in lots of sizes and bullnose as well) My husband really loves the Chamomile - it has a slightly more creaminess to it than the crema. I also have issues with the small subway tlle size from the crema. The ashbury is out of California so you might want to give it a try.
I too have been to the Daltile wholesale store (my tile guy recommended I give it a try) I didn't see anything at the time, but I have to say my family really wanted a natural stone tile (but as you know NONE of them work---and many people insisted durango would work as well as many others.. but they just didn't work to me- too grey, too pink, too blah and really all too busy with the granite which is why I kept going back to trying to find a tile with no pattern but trying to get the color to work has been very trying. I had every Jeffrey Court tile that seemed to work home. But I too am scared of the substantial variation in those tiles. Not to mention they told me yesterday most of the handmade ceramic tiles in his line are no longer available - so glad I didn't fall in love with one of them.
I love the crackle tile and I am in search of your adex hampton sand tile.

At this point, it will not be done for Thanksgiving, but I have promised my husband I will have it done by Christmas....(maybe) I'm waiting to see what you choose!!
Good Luck!!

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As you know, I have and love my Grazia Rixi crema tiles. But I am looking long and hard at your photos and as much as I want them to work for your granite, on my monitor they just doesn't seem to.
I know you have tried many tiles, but there are still many more out there.
Each picture of your granite seems to read differently. Would you say there are caramel shades in the granite. I don't see Horus Art on your list? They have a caramel color and a honey color. If you don't have shades of cream in your granite, I don't think you will be happy with the Adex or the Rixi.

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Tough call - I know you looked at JC - did you look at their crema - it is a bit variable and might pull in you counter.
Also take a look at Epro - they have some nice tiles also.
Of course -just like ellendi - I do have a bias towards the Rixi - but only if it works for you (and ellendi isn't sure)

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ellendi - I'm confuzzled - are you referring to Shirley58 or to me?

If it is me, you are experiencing the very same problem I am having. My granite changes shades and tones almost hourly. Various tiles are doing the same thing as well. That said - you aren't seeing the cream in the granite in the last two pictures above in the very first post? That is the most true tone of my granite. It is very difficult to photograph and get the right tone. Those last two area about as true as it gets.

Pics two and three in the very first post are also a decent representation although a bit more golden than in real life.

I want to brighten up my kitchen and am afraid that a carmel or honey tone against my dark brown cabinets and dark maple floor will just make it every darker. The carmel or honey tone tiles that I bave brought home weren't quite right.

I have not been able to find any dealer that carries Horus Art tiles anywhere near me.

This is extremely frustrating to say the least! :::cry::: :*( :*(

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I went back today and took a sample of the Horus Art tile in Bisque- none of the other colors worked and it is lighter (more white) then the rixi crema - I wouldn't bother trying to find it. She is ordering me in a sample of the adex hampton sand - due in monday.
Don't get frustrated - I am actually starting to think that this granite because it changes color every hour on the hour - and I think that is why I love it - a true cream will just balance that out. My husband feels (and he's right) all these tiles are in the same family, they all work at different times of the day and in the end will look great. Easy for him to say as I have to make the choice!
The woman at the tile store today told me she just sold tile (ivory travertine) to someone with this granite but her cabinets were off white. Big difference. I think the dark cherry cabinets casts a shade onto everything and makes this decision so difficult. So if a neutral tile is used, it should be fine. But selecting a neutral is as difficult as choosing a color.

I am out of tile stores to go to . I know everyone too well at this point. I am afraid they say "Oh no, here she is again" when I walk through the door.....
Sorry gardenwebnewbie, I really want to help you not confuse you. I am in the sane predicament as you....there are times I wish I went with a classic like uba tuba.....but this granite is so pretty... it will be worth the search....

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Newbie, I was referring to you. As long as there is the same cream in your granite as there is in the tile, than you are good to go. It is just that your pictures don't seem to show this.
It does look like there is a match in your third picture. Again, have you seen any Horus Art? I really think you need to exhaust all your options. I know it is so ridiculous that you will wind up with a cream tile after all of this work, but it will be the right one and the one that will make you happy.
After my debalacle, ripping out the backsplash and then replacing it with the Rixi, my SIL said "After all of that ...." looking at my cream tiles. Spoken by someone who has never gone through this process.

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Shirley58 - I had to read my husband your last post...literally, I could have written it WORD FOR WORD. I am so tired of looking. I agree 100% about this granite changing every time you look at it, and that is what makes me so indecisive. My fear, and I know it's irrational but still...is that once I choose something, it's going to stop it's chameleon phase and be somewhere where the tile I chose to match, does not.

How do you feel the Ashbury Chamomile compares to the other tiles you have looked at? I have a sample on hold at a store about 45 minutes away. I am curious to know if it's worth the trip. Is it darker or lighter than the Rixi in Crema? Do you have a picture to share?

I think at this point (with my contractor busy to the gills with prior (larger and more $$?) ) you are way ahead of the game than I am in both your peace and contentedness in the decision of a cream colored subway as well as the time factor. Can you just hurry up and choose so I can see how beautiful it will is so I can relax? :D

ellendi : I so appreciate your help! The thing is, there is some cream in the granite. At certain times. At other times it seems to have disappeared into a pale gold/pale carmel. I asked my husband last night if I could have the granite ripped out as well - joking but a part of me would take him up on the offer if I could. LOL He said as long as he is married to me, this granite is staying. Nuff said.

I sympathize with you and how you must have been made to feel after hearing your SIL's comment. I am almost afraid to even mention the issue to any of my friends/family because the one's that have shared this with, tell me I am crazy and what I have now is fine....

I know there have to be other options out there - if not to only confirm that the choices I have now just might be "the" one, however I don't know where else to look. I have googled until my eyeballs want to pop out of my head and have visited every tile store in my vicinity.

I almost want to go and visit the granite yard, buy another slab and put up an 8 inch backsplash like what we had before and be done with it.

Geez...now the tears are welling up again. :*( I am indeed a basket case.

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No No ...No tears, I have already been there...that's when my husband actually took me to the tile store and has committed to getting involved. He usually leaves all these decisions to me (thankfully) but I am stumped with this backsplash choice. I took photos on my iphone and it won't let me upload them to this sight so I emailed them to you - hope that was ok.

The ashbury Chamomile (Market collection I think its called) is so far the winning tile. I actually feel I could order this and go forward. I have to tell you it was your words "it makes the cream in the granite pop like popcorn) that got me to reconsider the cream subway again. I had this ashbury home in sept. and would walk by and go 'oh that's nice' but OMG it's basic cream. And my husband would say 'what's wrong with that tile' and I would say, no too cream. I think I was in denial and wanting something greater, better, the perfect match. My idea is to get Benjamin Moore to team up with a tile company and do custom colored tiles for us all. I have to say I painted my walls when the kitchen was gutted - put Bleeker Beige up, loved it, then the cabinets went in, still loved it, then the granite and my furniture went in and my stomach rolled over, YUK it was grey and cold and awful. I thought it was the granite (which it was) I convinced my husband to repaint and went with Oak Ridge from BM and LOVE it. This granite is full of warmth and earth tones and for me, trying to bring in a cool tone didn't work. I find the same problem with the tile. This ashbury tile has warmth, almost can look creamy (yellow but not yellow) and somewhat green but not green. It is a cream but a warm one. The rixi is the next runner up but for me it kind of comes through pale, not pink not grey but not the warmth I want. Sorry for going on and on its just so hard to get it all across. In the end I wanted a creamy subway tile, I just got off track with my kids telling me NO SHINY TILE it should be natural. But then they go off to college and leave me with their thoughts!!

One more point my husband made about using the creamy tiles, he said cream goes with everything. When you can't match an outfit you (meaning me) you put a cream sweater on..... it's your go to color. And he's right. I am feeling more confident about this. But am still waiting to see the adex sand due in monday. I too have googled my eyeballs out over this. It's not the most common granite but we do love it.

I do understand your stress. And you have already invested in tile and have to do it again. But we all make decorating boo boo's at some point. And when it's all finally done, that feeling of wow it's great will be worth it. We just finished our master bath redo (which took me away from the backsplash for a bit) and I was as a mess with decisions about it. But it looks amazing. We are thrilled. So I am trying to trust myself and say, you can do this......this from the woman who buys 15 different shades of tan paint samples to finally feel confident in choosing my kitchen paint color. I exhaust every option. But then I know it's right. So if I were you, it might be worth the 45 min drive to check out this tile.......it's cheaper than tearing out that granite :)

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