BM Mascarpone cabinets with white quartz?

wi-sailorgirlOctober 1, 2012

Hi all! Ah ... the search for the perfect white kitchen. Is everyone sick of it by now? Well, I'm still loving it despite the obsession it causes me. I've searched this forum and the home decorating forum, as well as the finished kitchens blog but I've not found anyone who has done this, so I'm hoping to pull you out of the woodwork if you have.

The quick version of the question: Has anyone used BM Mascarpone (AF-20) on their cabinets with a white(ish) quartz countertop? If so, can you share information/pictures?

Three years ago (you can still find the posts about it on here), I picked Mascarpone as "the" white in my house (I actually did a consultation with Maria Killiam to come to that conclusion). Since then we've done a big house renovation and everything white that we painted was painted Mascarpone (and I did it all, except for the bedroom ceilings). I absolutely love how it turned out. But when Maria spec'd that color for me, I was thinking I'd go with dark countertops in my kitchen (I was including that when I spoke to her because I knew at some point we'd be updating hte kitchen, at least by repainting the existing cabinets which are currently something close to White Dove). Since then, I've fallen in love with an all white kitchen and I love the idea of white quartz countertops. Of course Mascarpone is a bit on the creamy side, and I'm having a tough time finding a "white" quartz that works with the color. I'm wondering if such an animal exists.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts on the matter!

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I love BM MS! I used it on my window frames. I think it has a warmth to it that some whites don't have. I would want to see a picture of your countertop with the BM MS to make sure it matches OK.
Good luck finding the right quartz.
How about Cambria Dovetail - it has a bit more warmth than most of the pure whites?

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I'm using Mascarpone on 1/2 of my cabs (the other half are yellow) but we are using Imperial Danby Marble. We are also using it on trim, etc. What a beautiful color. Our cabs won't be in for a couple of weeks.

I'm sure there must be a quartz that's a bit more creamy?

I don't know if this helps at all but here it is with the imperial danby marble...

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2LittleFishies ... I've been following your kitchen decisions/progress and I just love what you have planned. The Danby definitely works with Mascarpone. I hope I can find a quartz that works as well with it.

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If you're not hung up on quartz, I tend toward the creamy whites and I'm going with Witch Hazel corian. Yes, I know. Corian. But honestly, none of the quartz options worked for me.

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Caesarstone Buttermilk works well with Mascarpone. It's kind of a greige, and Mascarpone and other whites with a touch of yellow brighten it up. I used it with cherry cabs but the fabricator was doing several white kitchens with Buttermilk. It will add some interest to all the whiteness you have planned and will allow you to do a white backsplash without it getting monotonous. It's nice to have the countertop relate to the floor too, and I don't suppose you're doing a white floor.

Word of caution about Caesarstone--check your slabs in person. One of mine had white thumbprint-sized blotches all over it which wasn't on the samples. One slab had only a few of these blotches, which we cut around. Caesarstone considers that acceptable. Yeah right. However, you can find the same pattern in other companies (found similar patterns in Chroma and Cambria).

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Molly Phillips

Not to hijack, but were you happy with your M.K. consultation? I've considered using her as I work on my kitchen colors by doing it all by computer scares me a I didn't know if you get enough good information from a one-hour call.

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First of all, thank you all for the good suggestions. I will look at all of them. May Flowers, I hadn't even thought of buttermilk, probably because of the name (isn't that horrible? I do that with paint colors too), but it has the same "splotchy" texture that I love in the Organic White and I found a few pictures of it and quite like it so I'll make sure to check that too. And excellent tip on checking hte actual slabs. I can't wait to get to that point!

Lovetodream, I was happy with my consultation with Maria. I'm one of those people who will second-guess every decision I make and god forbid someone makes a negative comment ... that stuff never leaves my head no matter how much I love something. I got so frustrated with dealing with whites that I finally called her. What was especially helpful was having her explain why some colors wouldn't be good. I will say though, that her prices have gone up considerably since I had my consultation, so I'd probably be a little more reluctant to do it again because of that. Yes she provides very valuable information, but you might be able to find someone equally skilled at the same thing (i.e. a designer or a person who works for a stoneyard/designer) who could offer the same advice for free. If you do decide to do it, take LOTS of pictures of your space in different lights and give her names of anything you can (such as flooring) so you can make sure she's looking at the same colors you have. I don't think a one-hour consultation would be adequate for picking colors for an entire house. We used it up pretty much just one picking a white, which started in the kitchen.

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Molly Phillips

Thanks for the feedback, wi-sailorgirl. I also second guess everything and sometimes want to go fun and rogue, but stick with basic colors that go with everything and end up sort of blah. I want my kitchen to have sparks of color in it and feel like I need some help in that direction. I scour her blog often, hoping the magic will jump out at me. *sigh*

Good luck with your kitchen! I have a warmer toned house and will probably have to go creamy instead of white too, so I'll be watching your additional threads.

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