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rjl443October 23, 2012

Well we finally nailed down a layout and were able to secure the contractor - they started yesterday!

We are doing the IKEA cabinets, in the Adel Medium Brown door. I want to find something more unique than the standard IKEA door hardware though - any suggestions of sites to look at for that?



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Here are a couple pics in progress:


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We are basically converting our 1978 u-shape kitchen to an L-shape with an island. Lots of input I received from you all is in our plans, including taking the wall to Dining Room down to a half-wall so that we can interact with people in the Dining Room/dine in there daily.

We are going with the IKEA cabinets - Adel Medium Brown.

Once the kitchen is in we are going to repair/refinish the oak floors to a lighter more natural maple-color.

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How exciting! Congratulations!

So many hardware choices - it can be a bit overwhelming! Do you have a style in mind?

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Looking good! I look forward to seeing your IKEA cabs. We are considering some for our family room. Keep us posted!

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I'll bet you are excited to be started! Congrats. :) You could check Lee Valley for hardware. They have a huge variety.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lee Valley

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Glad to see another in progress Ikea kitchen on GW! I Have Lidingo cabs and used knobs4less dot com.

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Hooray! Also glad to see an Ikea kitchen in the works. Love the idea to convert that to a half wall. How wide is the doorway to kitchen?

For hardware, have you looked at Restoration Hardware? Save on the cabinets and splurge on the HW!

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Here is a post of our layout, since we are using IKEA cabinets we can still make some tweaks to this by changing insides out or even cabinet sizes and the order of things.

Any suggestions? Here are some of the issues we are trying to solve now:

1. We were going to put the microwave in with the 24" wall oven but are thinking of separating them out because
a. they don't match (Sharp Microwave drawer, 24" Bertazzoni oven)
b. I thought it might make more sence to have the microwave closer to the sink or prep are and with a countertop on top for landing stuff?

Other things we are considering -
2. The bar height to the Dining Room side - should it be all same as sink countertop height, or should it bump up with a backsplash and place for outlets/etc.

3. Also we need to allow some clearance for the slide-in range. The cabinet to the left of the stove has to be changed to a door-opening cabinet to allow the water line for potfiller to run up in it. The Electrolux slide-in needs some clearance on both sides at the top of the range.

Should we:
a. make the cabinets on both side of the electrolux range door opening cabinets with dummy-drawers fronts at the top to allow for the range console. We can still do 15" pull out drawers inside that door.
b. Make the 15 inch cabinet to the left of the range a 12" door opening cabinet and put 1.5 inches of trim on both side of the Electrolux range. Keep normal 15" drawer/pullout on right side, 12" door cabinet on left side.

4. We could put the Bertazzoni down under counter also - should we give this layout consider that?


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The other thing we are working on now is faucets and countertops.

We had granite in our last house and this kitchen before. It is fine and my DH likes it. I never seriously considered soapstone but after reading this site I am. The house is very traditional colonial.

Any other ideas/suggestions?

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