Refrigerator pulls

helsharmarOctober 19, 2012

If there are previous posts on this exact topic, I can't find them. We bought a 36" Sub-zero fridge with a bottom freezer. It will have wooden (natural cherry) panels, and we need to choose pulls. We found some oil-rubbed bronze pulls that match our drawer pulls pretty well in shape and color. They come in 12" and 18" lengths. We're not sure whether to get the larger one for the vertical pull on the freezer door and the shorter one for the horizontal pull on the freezer below, or get both the same length, and if so, which one--12" or 18"? Either will fit on the rails of the shaker-style panels. Has anyone seen or done it one of these ways, and how do you like your choice?

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We just got the SZ 36" French door and did the Hickory Hardware 13" Studio pull on each of the fridge doors and the freezer door. I am very happy with how it looks. I don't like the look of huge pulls and I also don't like mixing up the sizes. The Studio came in 13" and 18" lengths. I think an important thing is to consider the heights of those people who will be using the fridge most frequently to make sure they are comfortable with the pull. That said, I am 5'3" and my husband is 6'4" and we still went with the 13".

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Thanks for the quick and reassuring reply. What finish did you get? The pull you got is the style I want, but I'm afraid their oil-rubbed bronze will not be dark enough to match my hardware, which is almost black and very matte. Theirs seem to have highlighted edges that won't match. Also, how does the very square shape feel in your hand?

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