Painting cabinets on site - Is this OK?

lalitharOctober 12, 2012

Were your cabinets installed in your kitchen and then painted?

Our cabinets guys just called and said that they are ready to deliver by next week and the cabinets will arrive primed and will be painted on site. I am confused as I thought the cabinets will be painted in the cabinet maker's shop. They said that they finish stain grade in their shop but paint grade is usually done on site especially as the soffits etc. may need adjustments to fit correctly and it would look off if they cannot color match exactly. I don't know if this is a big deal or not.

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Are they spraying?
A good finish is sprayed?
What coating are they using?

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Spray finishes for paint is the better finish. If your cabinetmaker doesn't have a spray booth, ask him what the cost is to bring the cabinets to a shop to paint it. If you don't spray it, your cabs will be brush painted, which is a different look

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Babushka gives her experience with site painted cabs on the link.I've read a few other threads on the topic also. Most agree that it's best and gives a better result if painted in an actual spray booth. I had a couple of pieces of cabs and doors sprayed after the rest of the kitchen was in. It was a big pita! Plastic taped off everywhere and large areas I had to keep the cats and kids away from for two days. NOT fun. And I couldn't get to the fridge as it was in a makeshift spray booth area. You, of course, won't have that issue.

I remember that Celineike had her gorgeous cabs painted on site. The looked high quality. I don't know how they're holding up as she has disappeared now that her kitchen is done.

I not understand the caution about the color being off. That shouldn't be an issue for a pro.

I'm so so excited that your cabs are ready! Sorry I didn't give my opinion of your color choices like you had asked me too. I did get your email. I'm anxiously waiting to see what you did!

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Oops. Forgot the link. I'm on some good Valium from surgery today and my mind isn't functioning so well.

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Maybe I should just step away from the iPad......

Here is a link that might be useful: The link I keep forgetting. :)

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breezy- LOL
Hope you feel better !

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Thanks for the advice. Is the final coat usually some sort of protective coating? I am going to push back and see if they can finish on site.

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I just went down to the Merchandise Mart today to ogle the expensive kitchens there, and get ideas for our remodel (which will be an investment for us, but the kitchens there aren't in our budget!). Christopher Peacock's designer told me that they paint all of their cabinets on site (after installation) with their oil based paint, hand brushed. They feel that it's more attractive and durable, and it's easier to touch up in the future. So that's another perspective for you! Oil based paint tends to even out better than latex, and it's easier to blend in the brushstrokes. So part of the question for you is what type of paint they will be using. The Peacock cabinets looked beautiful, even in the high luster finish - looking closely I could tell that the paint was brushed on, but it was very subtle. I felt that it had more character than a sprayed finish.

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I think you need to see a kitchen which they brushed on site as well as researching the coating they plan to use. Why can't they finish in their shop? Is the finish too fragile to move? They certainly can touch up in your house. As for matching colors, they are not going to make corrections in the house, so why is that an issue.
Just to be open- I work for a company that sells spraying equipment and unless you are looking for that special brush stroke look, I can't imagine on site finishing.

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I had an argument with my GC about this and he is pushing back saying that he does not like to overly micromanage the subs.. He has had the same cabinet company do 3 other painted kitchen and some in very upscale houses. I have seen one of these and the kitchen was nice but I do not recall the paint finish quality. I am looking for a durable smooth finish.

Also when you specify a color, say BM something.. Did your cabinet guys use the exact same brand or did they mix the color in their preferred brand.. I am specifying BM in eggshell but I am not getting a clear answer to this question. Honestly, it is sounding like I am making a big fuss over something unnecessary.

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Initially, my cab maker's painter said she'd use whatever I wanted. I said BM satin impervo and picked a color to get a sample door. Instead, she used SW in a color that looked close to the BM I specifically requested. She also brushed it instead of spraying it, and it looked horrible. Needless to say, I wasn't happy so i had a talk with my cab maker. The paint brand turned back to BM SI and I got a sprayed door sample in short order.

Sorry you're having difficulty with this.

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My cab maker brought the cabs to site and primed and painted here with oil based BM satin. I much prefer the brushed look. The only drawback to me was he didn't want anyone else here with each coat. Didn't want dust flying.

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I chose a BM color and my painters matched it with Kelly-Moore. I didn't care, since the color is an exact match. They sprayed my doors and drawer fronts in their shop, but my cab boxes (existing) in place. Pee-yew! They built a plastic-sheathed booth around my kitchen, into which my kittens tore large holes during the night.

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My DH and I were discussing spraying vs brushing. He said sprayed cabinets don't look like wood, especially lacquered cabinets. I think he has a point.

And there is something else: how do you touch up a sprayed finish when you get a boo boo? It's easy with brush painted cabinets.

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Looks like you chose satin over eggshell.. Can you share why? Does it hold up as well as eggshell?

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do not let them paint on site, i thought we had an exchange on this once already??? see my prior posts with photos etc.

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