to sit or to set?

xtacie11October 5, 2013

Do I keep my window seat under my low corner windows or raise them to add counter space? I elicited help last year but we worked on the back of the house first. It's now time to begin the kitchen and I'm hitting the same stumbling block. An architect acquaintance thinks the window seat is a welcome feature but the contractor feels the added counter space in my plans is a must. I'm used to such limited counter space in my current kitchen that my opinion may be skewed in thinking there is adequate space.... I am getting the kohler stages sink (designed the kitchen around it! :o) so I envision spending all of my time at the island. There are 2 of us and I am normally the only one cooking. Note that the house is concrete block so raising the windows will be more of an undertaking (i.e mess and $) than if it were not.... I'm not averse to this if the added expense/work will be worth it in the long run. Any other suggestions/flaw corrections welcome!

proposed kitchen plans

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Is the window seat ever going to get any actual use? The only way I would keep it is if it were impossible to raise the windows. I'd rather have the cabinet/counter space than a place to sit, especially if that place to sit did not have a table to go with it.

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I would rather have the counter space. You can sit at the island when you need to rest. Will you be able to sit at the island and prep?

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I'm not in favor of squeezing a window seat between cooking appliances just because there happens to be a window there. It's just not where I would go to relax. There was also a recent thread asking people if they ever use their window seats for lounging and most said no. I'm not sure if it was in the Home Decorating forum or perhaps Remodeling.

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Thanks for the replies. Looks like some masonry work is in my future!

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