Took out drywall and now have a ?

deee_gwOctober 1, 2013

We ripped off our tile and drywall above our counters in our kitchen to update our back splash. We noticed that one portion of an exterior wall has no insulation. It's above the dishwasher and there is a plumbing pipe between the studs. Is there a reason why this part of the wall has no insulation or is it a construction error?

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I'm no expert, but it sounds like an error to me.
My guess is that, if the other stud bays are insulated, the plumber removed the insulation to get his pipes in and neglected to replace the insulation that was removed.
In any event, certanily there's no downside to insulating that area.

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I hope it is just the drain pipe that is in that stud cavity not a supply line. Is it a plastic pipe or copper?

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Don't insulate that pipe away from house-heat, though! (not a plumber, but that seems fairly basic...presuming you live in an area that freezes!)

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The line is plastic. It's an outside wall that faces a covered porch. We live in South Georgia near the ocean. We rarely have freezing temperatures and it never stays cold for very long.

Thanks for your help.

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