Where to send cabinet doors for a 'factory' quality paint finish?

joyce721October 21, 2012

We had completely custom cabinets crafted as part of our kitchen remodel one year ago. We had a good many difficulties with our cabinet maker and believe that the painting was done hastily because he was late. We were told that painting was done 'in the paint booth'. He used a pre-catalyzed lacquer color matched to Benjamin Moore Atrium White (not BM paint,however), formulated to California requirements. We were warned by our contractor and the cabinet maker that these formulation changes diminish resistance.

Well, the doors (and cabinets) under/around our sink have been spray repainted twice and the doors are peeling and chipping yet again. They are flush inset doors. There is some minimal water dripping around the edges of our farmhouse sink, but we are pretty good about monitoring for that.

In any event, the paint cracks follow the joints of the doors and the peeling always starts at a seam or joint. The latest painter who's attempting to fix this says that the doors weren't primed properly in any of the previous paintings.

This is not just ridiculous -- it's expensive to have these doors repainted 3 times a year.

I know about the restrictions on formulations in CA. So, I'm wondering if there are cabinet companies elsewhere where we can send our doors and a paint swatch for repainting -- and appropriate baking to make the finish more water resistant. That won't help failures on the cabinets themselves, but the doors are by far the worst.

Any ideas or recommendations out there?

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You are aware that to receive any type of warranty you will be better served to start over with new doors.

If you are near the LA basin, I could refer you to 3 professionals.

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I moved to CA over a year ago and I notice that the hard water here causes more wear in kitchens and bathrooms than usual. I have been living in apartments with cheap cabinets for many years in other states and never notice this kind of wear like you get in CA. When we bought a 12 year old townhouse here, the cabinets all showed lots of water damage. Now I am getting new cabinets from Durasupreme and hopefully I can keep it looking new.

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