Sealer left brown marks

piggyspenOctober 26, 2012

The picture is of my kitchen after the countertop was installed but before sealed. I have blue pearl granite and used AquaMix Penetrating Sealer. I asked the installer if I should seal and suggested sealing with any sealer every six months. So I sealed it.

When you get certain light, there are brown "stains" in the granite. I have used several things, including Acetone on the granite, but nothing seems to budge it. I have called my installer sevral times, but so far no luck on getting him back to help me with this. Any suggestions out there? I want this beautiful shine and clarity back!

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The first thing I would do would be to get to the sealer manufacturer. Do they have hotline? Next would be the vendor. I'm not even sure your type of granite even needs a sealer, by the way. My stone was sealed at installation 7 years ago. I found GW a year later and resealed. I used what you used and it took major elbow grease to remove the haze. However, there were no brown streaks, and I have no idea what would cause them. My stone is allegedly porous, but I just resealed it for the first time in 6 years. This time I did not use Aqua mix. Also, try the Stone Advice Forum. I'm on iPhone. Please excuse typos.

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Blue pearl generally doesn't need sealing. You should remove the sealer and see if the stain goes away.

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weissman, what would you suggest removing the sealer with? I have tried several things, Acetone being one of them. Didn't do it! That is what I am trying to find out -- what to use? I have even contacted the sealer maker but not heard from them yet.

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Acetone is what's usually recommended - are you using pure acetone (as opposed to nail polish remover :-). Checking with the sealer manufacturer is the right thing to do.

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Usually, the sealer that you used will dissolve the sealer that is still on the counters. So you can reapply the sealer and use a bunch of elbow grease to remove the re-emulsified sealer. Steel wool, scrubbing, actual acetone, and follow up with pure Dawn and hot water usually does the trick. Polish dry with some cotton towels like you would a fine automobile.

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