Need help with kitchen design

neredicaOctober 24, 2012


I need help with kitchen design!

My boyfriend and I are moving in together. It's just us for now but we are planing to have a baby in a 2-3 years.

The only thing I know is that I would like to have an island in the kitchen. I would like the island with 6 seats so we wouldn't need the table. The 2 seats would be enough most of the time but because of the guests... Maybe island with extending table?

But, I'm open to all prepositions!

The apartment is in the attic.

The right wall is 2,40 m high and 3 m long but it can go longer (but not longer then 3,30 - 3,40 m because we are going to put the stairs to the mezzanine in the area on the right close to the living room so we need to have enough space to come in and out of the room).

Obviously my english isn't so good so I hope you can understand!

Please, help :)

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I think you are at pre-design stage. there is no apparent plumbing[as in bathroom,existing kitchen] the electrical all set? Please talk to a knowledgeable handyman at least[look in the yellow pages-they will come and look everything over]..... discuss "lines" and codes for what you can put in this attic as far as your electrical and plumbing/supports/etc. Attic kitchens would not be customary.....I think you have some more work to do,or tell us some more about this project.

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I hate to "discriminate", but most of the layout gurus are in the USA and are not used to metric measurements. While some of us can perform conversions, it would be easier if you could post in "English" units - i.e., feet/inches.

If you are not going to have a Dining Room, do you really think it is a good idea to eliminate table seating in the kitchen? Table seating is much more comfortable for long-term sitting and once you begin having children, you will find the lack of table space/seating to be a problem.

Counter-height, and even more so bar-height, seating...

  • Is not comfortable for sitting for long periods of time

  • Is not recommended for young children

  • Is too inflexible

  • Unless planned very carefully, will result in sitting "like ducks in a row"

  • Unless planned very carefully, it will not be easy to hold a conversation among those seated

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And can you post some pictures of the space?
I agree with Laura(herb)- the location of plumbing, drain/vent and hot and cold water supply lines can impact the placement of your sink options. Many times the bathroom has those things. But it's not shown. Or will you be bringing those from a lower floor?
Electrical service is easier to move around.
Is gas available?

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Multiply meters by 3.3 and you are close enough to feet.

We need to see where the existing appliances, outlets and drain lines are.

Also, are the walls straight, or do they slant with the roofline?

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"close enough to feet" isn't really close enough in this case...that was my point. Even 3 inches can make a big difference in layout...whether a DW + sink will fit or not, for example.

My tape measures and rulers all have both inches & centimeters, so I could also do a much better conversion than just multiplying by 3.3, but I don't have time to convert them all by bits & pieces that way and still have time to work up a layout.

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FWIW, the maximum possible error one could make using Neredica's measurements and lazygarden's approximation is 1.6".

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In smaller #s, that's probably true, but the larger the #, the greater the error.

Angie - have you already done the conversions to know this? If so, perhaps you could post them here... about you?

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