What makes sense for my kitchen?

mommy2nkOctober 17, 2012

Okay, I have quotes coming out of my ears and I really need to narrow it all down. I can get everything I want with 2 cabinet lines: Belmont 1600 with a few pieces from the Belmont 1900 line, and Diamond Cabinets (Dixieline or lowes branch). Everything would be finished side panels on all exposed ends, decorative hood, pull outs, spice racks etc.

I have also received a quote from a Custom Cabinet guy in my area who ended up being someone who goes to the same church as me, small world. His original quote was too high but he reworked it and it is closer to our budget (about $1000 over) The reworked bid basically took out the finished ends leaving them finished but plain and removing a bank of drawers, no spice pull outs etc. It still gives me the decorative hood, he is also modifying the fridge wall to look more built in. I am trying to find a balance in my thoughts about my kitchen. We have a set idea of what we want this whole thing to cost and I think it is feasible. We could certainly increase that budget with no problem but we don't want to nor would putting my "dream" Hampton kitchen make any sense. I do think I have spoiled my idea of what a kitchen should look like and how it should all happen with all the beautiful and amazing kitchens shown on here, total eye candy!

Now, the area I live in is not upscale at all. Our home along with the development I am in would be consider the nicer homes in the area. Ours are newer built 1999 but surrounded by homes from the 70's-80's. There are new developments in the area but up a ways, those are way nicer then ours. I am wondering if I am missing this fact when I envision my kitchen, like how much is to much. I think I am going simple with my door style (shaker) but do I need finished end panels, decorative hood or are these luxuries that don't make sense for our home. I can't figure it out. Budget wise, with the two lines I can have those things with the custom one I would not. Then it's the thought of quality, would I be giving up quality by going with bells and whistles. My husband says anything will be better then what we have, which is so true. I think I just really need a few people to help me sort this out and then I can finally make my decision. What I keep coming back to is, I would love to give the cabinet maker my business but is that holding me back. Had I not found out he was a member of my church would he even still be in the mix, probably not. Is it okay to have my own mini "Hamptonesque" kitchen in my humble home on a budget? I hope I am making sense here and would really love some input on how to process this all.

Thanks so much!

This is a post with my kitchen pictures: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/kitchbath/msg1015053912578.html

Here is my last post going through ideas about cabinets:http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/kitchbath/msg102009574174.html?15

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Sophie Wheeler

If your quote is in the less featured Diamond line (there are two) then I would upgrade to the better quality cabinet by jettisoning the fluff. With your described location and home, I would definately not do decorative end panels nor a mantle style hood. If you have an island, that's the only place that I'd splurge on decorative paneled backs. That mantle hood is probably costing you 2-3K by the time you add in the insert and installation costs. It would be the FIRST thing to go. Especially since it's a look that will not stand the test of time at all unless you live in an estate sized home with a kitchen to match.

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It is the Reflections line at Lowes that I was quoted. The Diamond line at Dixieline is not labeled reflections but it is basically the same. I do think a stainless steel hood will suit my space so much better. When I looked on here regarding end panels it seemed many were in favor of them and I really do like the way they look. The quote for Diamond including integrated end panels are not outside our budget. The custom cabinet guy with removing the hood is also not outside our budget, so given that I need to decide which way to go.
Thanks so much!

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I live in an older neighborhood and on the affluence scale we probably fall out between the Fancy Pants Older Neighborhood and the Hoity Toity Suburbs. I got a lot of mental clarity on kitchens and what's expected by looking at local real estate listings. For my neighborhood - that would mean no mantle hoods, no carved corbels, no Sub Zeros/pro style ranges. Helped bring my expectations back down to the reality of my surroundings. It didn't dampen my enthusiasm for renovating though. You may be able to use beadboard as your end panel if that blends with a look you might like.

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I was looking at real estate listing last night to get an idea as well. I saw house selling for $300,000 (older run down house) all the way up to $950,000 (newer with in the last 3 years). I live in So. California so the cost of living is very high but my area is simple. I am certainly putting it all in to perspective! I will say, I cook, bake and entertain a lot and a pro-style range will be such a great thing for me. Of course we are looking at the NXR, much more our budget. I don't think there are 36" that are just a regular one.. Thank so much for your input!

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How long do you plan on being in your home? When we did our reno, because we're here for another 15 years we went with quality. One thing I considered was that if I spent money on the frous-frous or extras, would the frous-frous stand the test of time - both for my tastes if they changed and for the style of kitchens. I knew that quality would stand the test of time.

Instead of jettisoning everything, perhaps there is one thing that you could keep from your wish list (as opposed to need list) that would add a slight hint of style and still allow you to go with quality cabinets.

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