Ikea new Metod cabinets arriving when?

XochitlFilmsOctober 5, 2013

We were getting ready to order our kitchen cabinets from Ikea when, after researching the options, I found that they have already replaced the Akurum cabinets in Sweden with the new Metod system which looks amazing! I have called Ikea and they were no help in regards to when the Metod system will be available in the US. I am going in to an Ikea next week but just wondering if anyone has heard when the Metod system will arrive here? I am willing to wait 6 months if the one rumor I heard is true - that they will arrive in April of 2014. Below is the link to the new Metod line.


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When Metod was first announced, the rumor was 2015 for the US. If we're going to get it, I would guess that's probably correct, but that's still an iffy if.

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If 2015, then I will curse my bad luck and order my Akurum kitchen now. Maybe there's a rogue Ikea employee out there who can give us a straight answer...?

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I finally made it to Ikea and the kitchen salesman said the new system will roll out next year, fall/winter and will be an entirely new system that won't work with the current Akurum. That sucks for us because we were planning on doing an extension and moving our washer/dryer into there from the current place in the kitchen. This means that we won't be able to purchase pieces from new line to replace the appliances. We will have to buy them now in anticipation of the extension. Also makes you wonder about the 25 year warranty. How long will they continue to make replacement parts on the Akurum line once it is replaced?

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Yeah, it's a tough spot to be in. FWIW, when Metod was first announced, the Swedish site said this, as part of the announcement:

In order to meet the needs of our customers the old system will be offered for 2 years more, for customers to complete their kitchens

and I think that later they said something about parts being available for a few years more than that.

I'd point out that this isn't the first time this has happened. They had a different system prior to Akurum that wasn't compatible with it. You might ask over at ikeafans if anyone remembers what the parts situation was like after that transition.

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I heard Fall of 2014 in the US. I wonder if there will be a clearance sale of Akurum beforehand.

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