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YaarOctober 29, 2013

We have been looking for kitchen cabinets for a long time. We would like veneer slabs in light color. It looks like there are 3 companies that make cabinets we like, but we don't know much about them. Maybe some people with more experience can help us. The companies are: Scavolini (Italy), Downsview (Canada) and Aran (Italy).


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Check out my recent post.

The cabinets are custom solid rift sawn oak made by the Amish in Wisconsin. I looked at tons of pics on Houzz, and he was able to make we what I wanted. He cannot do veneer.

I asked him to use the widest boards possible for the slab glue up and grain match the drawers.

I didn't step foot in a cabinet showroom. My interior designer did the layout and ordering. My total cost for just the cabinets was 16K, not including install.

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I'm a KD, have heard of Scavolini but have no insight for you. I don't know the other two but handle a Canadian brand that I'm very happy with (but then there is another Canadian brand that is now part of one of the conglomerates that I don't care so much for.

If you're asking for review of those brands I don't think you will find much on this board, but maybe some.

If you're looking for other brands that do quality veneer slab doors in frameless cabinets there are quite a few. European (Neff, Poggenpohl, Baulthop) Canadian (Elmwood) and American (Henry Built, QCCI, Wood-Mode, Crystal, Plain & Fancy...). there are quite a few others. These range from upper middle to hi end brands. Some emphasize contemporary more than others but many have numerous options for veneer doors even if their website shows little or none.

There are also a number of somewhat lesser brands out there with choices that may suit. Depends on who is available to you and budget.

In the long run who you work with is as important as what brand. Find the right person to work with and they should be able to give you confidence in the brand that they offer. If they can't instill confidence maybe they aren't the right person.

One thing to consider with any brand is the lead time on replacements should there be an issue or damage. Not necessarily a deciding factor but something to be aware of.

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Thanks, Jakuvall, good information. Who is the Canadian brand that you like?

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