Kohler Whitehaven sink question

DanaGirlOctober 8, 2012

Does anyone have experience with the Kohler Whitehaven apronfront sink? It looks beautiful on-line, but I have not been able to find one to see in person. My cabinet guy cautioned me that the rims on the Whitehavens don't always sit flush to the cabinets, making it obvious that sink has a "false front." Any thoughts??

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Here's mine (30" tall apron in biscuit):

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Mine was installed just yesterday. It fits perfectly and you can't tell it has a false front. It all depends on the skills of the installer.

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What do you mean by "false front"?

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It is self trimming which means that it snugs up against the frame in the front so you don't see the raw edge of the wood frame it rests on. It's a good thing.

To install the other kind (not self trimming) is much much more difficult to get right. Much harder for the carpenter.

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hmm... I don't think ours is self trimming. Our cabinet maker actually picked up our sink so they can build the cabinet to fit it. He said the sinks all differ.

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What kind of sink is it? Is it fireclay? Like Shaw's or Rahl? They are very cool looking but I think that for us, cast iron is the way to go. Besides, my DH will be working alone to build the cabinets and I think that the non self-trimming kind is harder by yourself. We went to see one (a Whitehaven) tall apron 36" and I liked how it looked.

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The Kohler Whitehaven. I loved it in person. My DH actually whacked it with the frying pan they have at the display. lol

There are 2 versions.

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I think by definition Kohler calls all Whitehavens self trimming. They can be tall apron or short apron and they can be 36" or I think 30". To answer DanaGirl, there are many people on the forum with Whitehaven sings. Check out About to Get Dusty's new kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: dusty's kitchen

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My kitchen is in progress. Sink is installed but no counter or faucet. I love how it looks. My cabinets are Medallion. I just couldn't do a fireclay sink. Not after reading stories here. Hopefully cast iron will hold up for us

Here's a shot of the self rimming.

Here's another pic.

I don't think it will be a problem at all when the granite is installed. The DW will have a panel. Hopefully everything works together nicely. Supposedly we will have a finished house/kitchen in less than 3 weeks.

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So far we love our Whitehaven :-)
Mom23Es, so excited for you! Looking great so far.

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Thanks for all the helpful responses! It's great to hear that so many of you are happy with the whitehaven. I much prefer its durability to that of fireclay ... and I certainly prefer the price of the whitehaven over that of the Kohler dickinson (also an apronfront, but not self-rimming)... but my cabinet guy's comment made me nervous.

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I've been looking at the Whitehaven for my parents' kitchen. It's so pretty! And I love that it's bulletproof.

I'll post separately, too, but has anyone found a really good deal on their Whitehaven?

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I bought the 36" Whitehaven for our kitchen remodel in July. The cheapest price I could find was actually Home Depot. It was $631. I found that the price they quoted me in the store was less than the online price for some reason. I don't know if it was a fluke or if that is commonly the case.

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Oh, also, the Whitehaven I bought was the tall white model. Our kitchen is still under construction, but the sink is installed. We haven't used it yet, but it is beautiful. I was worried the 36" would look too big, but it doesn't at all. I'm really glad we decided to go w/ the 36" over the 30" after seeing it installed.

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We installed the 30" tall apron . Love it!!! Cookie sheets and the racks from my ovens fit in the sink with no problem. I also hesitated in purchasing the 30" vs 36", however have no regrets.

The sink was purchased through our plumber for approximately $650. I purchased all fixtures through the plumbing company because they warranty anything they sell. Pricing was comparable to online prices.

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Same here, just installed a 30" tall apron. Fit was good. Countertops just installed and I put in the tap...looks and feels great!
The cabinet may need an extra filler bit underneath the front lip to ensure no gaps. I needed to add a 3/4 strip - easy and no appearance issues.

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We have a 30" Kohler whitehaven sitting in out basement awaiting the cabinets. I love the look and can't wait to have it in place.
I read alot of threads and decided against fireclay. Next I searched around and found that some of the cast iron apron sinks are soooo pricey. The whitehaven fit the bill. Best price, self-trimming and has the look I wanted. My cabinet guy was happy to hear that it was self-trimming.

I got it for $637 dollars on-line from efaucets but be careful because the shipping is expensive. My freight shipping was over a hundred dollars.

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