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calyle7October 5, 2013

I know this is always one of the last and hardest things in a kitchen remodel and I would love to just give it a Rest...and decide later...but my tile guy will be unavailable after next week for quite a long time...much longer than I want to I'm trying to decide this weekend and get the tiles for him on Monday! Yikes!!
I know I had asked about the Glass Tile in a post earlier this week..but can't find it nor the asking again.

The tile I had chosen is absolutely beautiful...but not in my is a glass tile of chocolate and silvery blue...much like the BM Tranquility that is on the walls, and the chocolate in my floor....but when I put it up around the walls to get a feel of how it would look....I immediately said No...too busy and competes with the Granite....which by the way is so much prettier than it shows in the picture! It is much lighter in color and the cabinets are also much lighter!!
My husband even said.....that is just too much...takes away from the granite and it's all you see when you walk in the it's a No!
Will you please give me a idea of what you think will work....I will appreciate so much all the Advice and Suggestions I can get.
My thought is to go with a cream travertine so that it will complement and still be more understated than the granite? Anyone agree?

Please Help!! Thanks so much!

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Gorgeous!!! I guess I would see a plain cream crackle subway to continue your warm, elegant look.

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What color granite is that??

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Thanks annalyn123 appreciate that so much...yes i had also thought of a cream crackle subway...Wish they made them on mesh backing sheets of 12x12...or perhaps they do?

The Granite is Bianco Ramano...fabricator said it was one of the more unusual and beautiful BR's that he has worked with over the many years he has been in the granite business...It was also the one that got broke in installing and they had to cut out the whole left section with the sink again. Thank Goodness the day we picked it out he went ahead and got two slabs that were very similar. I am Thrilled with the finished granite top and want it to be the focal Point of the don't want the backsplash competing against it!

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I second the suggestion for a cream subway. The counters are beautiful, by the way! So, glad it all worked out for you!

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I would pick up one of the darker accent colors in the beautiful granite!

Here is a link that might be useful: Gray subway tile

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I would not go with gray since everything else is warm tones...floor,cabs, granite. I would go with a color a few shades darker than your cabs for depth and some contrast. A crackle would look nice or something with a very subtle pattern or variations.

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Another vote for a creamy crackle subway. It would be a nice quiet background for your counters and cabs and also play well with the blue. Everything looks beautiful so far.

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I'm sticking to my guns, pick a warm gray title, it will look great, or pick up the warm dark taupe in your granite. :)

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Thanks everyone for you uplifting comments...I was beginning to think perhaps I had gone in the wrong direction....but since I love both the cool and warm colors...felt either way would work out.
I looked at the grey tile that gothaml suggested and it is beautiful..and would be lovely with my Tranquility...
And I have been getting some samples of darker tiles...but keep taking them back. Since my floor has shades of chocolates..both light and dark...thinking maybe that might be enough dark colors for contrast. My kitchen is sooooooo Small and I feel if I go with a lighter backsplash....closer to one of the creams..or perhaps a mixture of the different creams that it might open the space more....but then if I knew what to choose I wouldn't be asking everyone for advise...and so thankful for everyone's input....truly appreciate it!
Believe me I wish I had the time, and places to look for the crackle subway that so many are suggesting ...but my problem is I need to have the tile here on Monday, no later than Tues....and I only have Lowe's and Home Depot in my area. I live in the country and even the larger college town only has those two stores that carry tile...that would be open on Sunday I am limited as to what I can get. Lowe's does carry a travertine tile that has different shades of creams, beige's and looked real good with the granite. I just didn't know if travertine was what I should use...and by everyone's comment it seems Crackled tile is the most popular suggestion. Not sure if either store will carry them but will look tomorrow.
I may have to put off doing anything with the backsplash...but it was in the deal with the handyman that is doing the work. Almost afraid if I don't go ahead and have him do it before he leaves....he may not come back when I do find what I I am feeling pressured to get this done.

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Your kitchen is gorgeous and if you have to go without a backsplash for a long while, you will still enjoy it. I think I win the award for being without a backsplash for the longest amount of time. It sounds like you live in an area similar to mine. I envied people that had showrooms to look at. I had to order many, many samples online and finally ordered the tile online. It was worth the wait! Don't feel pressured to find "something." The right backsplash will put the finishing touches on your magnificent kitchen!

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I agree with annalyn - I think you should wait till you find a tile you love.

Since you feel pressured to pick something for Monday, allow me to offer that travertine is not a great choice in general. It has a tendency to look either pink or yellow under home lighting. Any natural stone above those counters, no matter how pretty, is going to give you what I like to call the "stonehenge" effect. It's just too much.

Think ceramic. Choose a classic cream subway tile if you must.

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Beautiful cabs and counter. I would not rush to put in something just to be finished.
What area of the country do you live?
I know you said "country" and limited options but maybe someone will be able to suggest another tile store or a place to get samples.
Hang in there - we will get you out of the ABB club

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A plain subway tile will be okay. Just don't do a mix like you're thinking. With the size of your kitchen, the granite, the very detailed cabinetry and hardware, and what looks like two-toned ceramic flooring, that's enough going on!

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Just wanted to let those of you who were kind enough to post and give suggestions...I took you up on your advice and I'm waiting! hubby and I went Sunday to Lowes' and Home Depot...found nothing at HD...but Lowe's had a beautiful Beveled Edge Subway Tile...but of course it only came in after looking and worrying and getting three more samples...(none worked) I told hubby...the back splash can wait! I will take a break...get everything in order and then start looking for "the perfect tile" If anyone comes across something in the mean time...Please let me know....thanks so much everyone!

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Glad to hear you're doing well, then, and aren't "settling" way too easily.

ITM, why not enjoy the look of the painted wall sweeping uninterrupted around the kitchen? Hang a picture or two? You may just end up a little regretful when you eventually cover it with tile. I still haven't. Just looks too good.

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